Black and white Plaid equipped with what style black and white Plaid installed the best mix of models

Geometric checkered has always been with the first choice of the tide, with casual wear, easy to highlight their own personality claims. When designers give black and white line art life, melt hand painted, architectural aesthetics, hand-weaving and other forms of knitting in them, not heavy geometry drunk the visual modeling, people do not love! This black and white Check suit, fully responsible for your fashion in early spring. We look first coat: leather jacket, stitching in the white streaks on the black block, this splicing, very eye-catching. Take a look inside a high-necked black sweater, seems to be tightly wrapped in black mystery. Pants are also black and white intertwined stripes loaded ... ... This wear, whether it can attract you? Take a look at this black and white checked coat, full of intellectual round neck, long sleeve design, just right. Take a little leather inside the sleeveless skirt, there are black and white Plaid integration. Through these several, whether we realize that this classic color to create plaid, can make your 2015 become more fashionable? Photo: EP Ya Ying women's new