T-shirt with how the personality of loose T-shirt with what pants

College entrance examination is the last day today, college entrance examination students have entered the examination room, guarding the parents outside the examination room is also a kind of worried, may be more nervous than the children themselves, as parents want their children can test well, but more hope is that children To relax, do not give yourself too much pressure, some parents in the hot summer waiting outside the examination room, hands holding mineral water and mung bean soup, etc., in order to test the children can eat a cool cold drink, ease Examination of the tension, no matter what parents are doing for children. Like clothing with the same, each parents want their baby to grow well, wear good, eat nutrition. Children's clothing to pull children's clothing to children ready fashion, take a look at it, for children's fashion sense of the gatekeeper, pull Tong Tong children's personality T-shirt with red and white stitching T-shirt colors, letters and patterns embellishment, a little loose The lower body shape of a denim shorts can be denim shorts into the shirt, handsome full. Individuality T-shirts are usually more relaxed design, generous shape more generous, the design of the sleeve hole a little ragged sense of fashion sense, blue and yellow sleeves splicing enough dazzling Oh, lower body denim shorts with that Yes, summer loose shirt with shorts just right.