Doll collar dress by the age of the coup recommended

In such a twenties as we are in the early twenties, we can see the children crying at our "auntie" and petrifying them momentarily. There is a touch of sadness in the air. Recommended today by the age of the coup is to achieve the effect of reducing age by the clothing, have heard doll collar it? It was also Peter's collar, the essential decoration of the retro princess dress, when it was popular again, it was when we stood up. Faint ducks yellow and perspective fabric stitching, the shoulder perspective of the charming little fragrant shoulders exposed, links lovely Peter Fan collar and self-cultivation of the dress, striped visual effects played a significant role in the waist Lace belts so that the entire bump lines perfect portrayed, pleated skirt interpretation of the most beautiful princess dream. This is not the color of rhubarb ducks, this year's most popular duck is also the designer like to move to the fashion arena, this yellow pattern dress more relaxed body out of the sense of restraint, black doll lapel and shoulder Department of all the hollow effect of all fascinating, pleated skirt at the disposal of the creation of a very cute pompon skirt. Image from the character 2014 wearing summer clothing