2009 fashion manufacturing exposure mad - Siamese pants into the new direction of the industry

An anti-traditional trousers campaign is unprecedented. Leotard, short no longer shorts, pantyhose and boots are no exception to replace the pants. The root causes of this conflict can be traced back to decades. 60s of last century underground film queen, socialite Edi - Saatchiwick favorite dress is tight pantyhose, Kempner in the 60s of last century to wear to wear pants can not wear the anecdote. All this shows that: this season's fashion is an outcrop of exposed wild carnival! Tight overalls set off the war against pants From the leather underwear to the retro golden corset jumpsuit, Lady Gaga's clothing tastes are always full of rebellious spirit. Lady Gaga still does what she does: "I look great!" At the H & M Anti-AIDS Fashion Series conference, easy-fit designer Andre J sported White stretch tight pantyhose to the public to prove that "no pants installed" is not just the ladies of the patent.In many designers works tight piece pants were put on the T station, Yves Saint Laurent 2009 autumn and winter series, Marc Jacob's new Muse, model Daisy Lowe are "no pants fashion" in a.