Several stages and realms of network marketing

[China Glass Network] With the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to the practice and application of network marketing. And many people with a keen sense of smell have begun to realize the opportunities here, and have joined the army of network marketing. But because online marketing is a new industry, there are not many people who really understand and master it. Many people are only good at one of them, and even many people have not achieved ideological standards. So today, Jiang Likun came to talk to you about several stages and realms of network marketing promotion. In advance, this article belongs to the play, purely a word.

The front stage: I don't understand the stage This stage mainly refers to the period when I first came into contact with network marketing. I don't understand anything at this time. I feel that online marketing is very profound and mysterious. Everything is so fresh and exciting. When I see a person, I feel like a master. When I see an article, I think it is a sunflower collection. This stage is also a more critical and dangerous period. Because this is the stage of establishing consciousness and concept. As everyone knows, thoughts determine the height. How far can I go in the future of Internet marketing, how far I will go, how many detours I will take, how much tuition I can pay, and how to study at this stage. Therefore, it is recommended that people at this stage should go to some masters in the real industry and accept different ideas and opinions. Don't just look at the article online and then build a car at home.

The second stage: the concept stage through the previous stage of learning, has a preliminary understanding of network marketing, many concepts have been understood, but also a macro awareness, know the benefits and functions of network marketing, also know a lot of methods. But the big confusion at this stage is that I don't know how to do it, I don't know how to land. Many companies and individuals will try hard at this time, but they tend to smash their heads. In fact, Jiang Likun believes that the online marketing forms of many industries are now at this stage. In particular, enterprises are particularly serious, and they are basically in the ethereal theoretical stage. Many companies have also paid a painful price for this. Like the first time to participate in an insurance network marketing salon, everyone has mentioned that an insurance company has invested 200 million test water network marketing a few years ago, which is less than it. In the entire insurance industry, no company has made breakthroughs in this area, and everyone is at the theoretical level.

Personally think that it is necessary to break the bottleneck at this stage, especially for enterprises, it is more important to talk with people in this industry, go to the industry and listen to the opinions of people in the industry.

The third stage: a little understanding of the stage through the first two stages of learning and practice, has learned and familiar with some specific methods, and even some good luck, but also achieved some results. However, the knowledge acquired at this time is not solid, most of them just understand a little, for example, that forum marketing is a group forum advertisement. At this stage of the friend, the bigger feature is that I feel that there is nothing in online marketing. I feel that I have already researched it and I have already understood it. Like a typical case, a singer and a traditional industry boss eat, although their company is a traditional enterprise, but mainly through the Internet to generate business, so he thinks he understands the Internet. In the process of communication, he said steadily that there is nothing in online marketing, that is, posting.

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