Women's brand "Girls Frontline" 2012 Summer Order will be held soon

Girls front line "with you the same fashion front line" 2012 spring and summer new conference and ordering will be held October 26, 2012 to 27 in Dongguan Humen Rhine Hotel was held in front of girls, all girls look forward to all new and old customers and Yunnan , Jiangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Henan ... and other blank provincial regional distributor and franchisee to join!


Company Profile "Girls Frontline CFD.plus" is one of the strong brands of Amway fashion clothing company. Founded in 1993, it is a modern garment management enterprise integrating product design, product manufacturing and marketing. With 20 years of professional women's operating experience, the existing staff of more than 500 people.

Corporate headquarters is located in the civilized fashion city, the historical center - Humen. Elegant and comfortable office environment, information fast, strong market channels. The factory is located in Boluo County, which is famous for its "two religions and one mountain". It owns more than 7,000 square meters garden-style modernized production base, with an annual output of nearly 1 million pieces / sets of production capacity. The products are sold all over the country.

The company in 2006 launched a grand "girls front CFD.plus" women's brand, brings together the design elite, with keen fashion antenna, close to the fashion, take root in the market, with South Korea's fashion trendy, elegant and generous as the modern pursuit of fashion and elegant Professional women, young and stylish pinks tailored Korean style fashion. Constantly introducing unique style, leading the trend, the market share of high products, outstanding competition in the same brand, the rapid development. With the value for money price, the trend of fashion design, serious and rigorous processes, as well as marketable advantages of products become the leader in the industry, and now "female front" CFD.plus brand like a bright star in the industry Yu Yu Glowing, so far all over the country to open more than 200 stores opened, the store profit ratio of 97%, strong momentum of development, highlighting the vitality of the brand, the operation was the national agent, franchisee recognition, Won the majority of consumers of all ages.

From the fashion point of view, into the trend of Korean style, not exaggerated, slightly understated fashion design interpretation of urban women's optimism about work and life. Bright and fresh simple style, elegant and yet energetic dress, will build a stylish landscape. Soft colors, self-cultivation cut, comfortable fabric to create a warm and competent workplace image, personalized and stylish city of people.


Joining conditions Basic conditions:

※ recognize the strict front-line girl business and franchise management model

※ better clothing brand awareness and shop management experience

※ have a certain economic base and capital, goods storage turnover ability

※ interested in the development of domestic apparel retail confidence and perseverance

※ Amway high fashion clothing company and "girls front CFD.plus" have a certain understanding, and agree with the brand management and management mode, to full

Maintain the company's interests and brand image.

※ partners have good personal qualities and credibility, with brand apparel management strength and experience; have a strong sense of management, the company's system can fully cooperate and implement.

※ willing to accept the company's training and management, and actively implement the company's marketing and promotion activities.

※ can provide the local downtown area or key commercial pedestrian blocks in the practical area of ​​40 square meters or more street shops or shopping malls counter or store shop.

※ can be strictly in accordance with the "image of the front line store girls uniform decoration shops: including the first door, windows, shelves, lighting, walls, dressing room.

※ Certain economic base, can provide not less than 100,000 yuan of funds into "girls front CFD.plus" store operations.


Cooperation conditions:

※ store area of ​​not less than 40 square feet, the local downtown lots or government regulations pedestrian street or crowded areas

※ According to Amway uniform image of the store decoration (including the door, shelves, windows, lights, etc.)

※ contract first payment: 30,000 yuan standard store boutique 50,000 yuan flagship store 70,000 yuan

※ joining conditions: initial fee free, margin: 5000 yuan (contract expires, without violation, no interest refund)

※ Supply Price: The new distribution of the first batch of 100% swap. Order 4 times a year 4 times a year, based on the order, enjoy 10% off-season replacement

※ Promotion: Proactive with the company's promotional activities

※ Others: Sale according to the company's specified price, subject to the company's management and work guidelines, the obligation to provide information on the management of the store


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