Kaki ladies the perfect embodiment of different ways of dress

Beijing Hu's Jolly Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is located in Beijing clothing production base - Daxing District, is a design, production and sales in a body specialized clothing company.

Jiao Lun company after several years of Societe Generale, is currently developing into the same industry to guide the fashion, the advantages of innovative enterprises.


The company has Beijing as a design center development base, with a mature design team, and hired a high salary with a senior designer of North and South design. And have a first-class production equipment and advanced operating techniques, with a professional management team and advanced and action mechanism.

Jorge London company's products have a strong European style. Leading Qiao Lun brand casual women's clothing, the pursuit of natural products, elegant, romantic, elegant, different styles with each other, the perfect embodiment of different ways of dress.

卡祺女装 完美体现不同的着装方式

Kakei women embody the women's pursuit of comfortable and elegant, simple and modern, casual yet stylish clothing style. Whether it is classic or art, excellent quality is Jolun company unswerving longing.

Jorge company is with wisdom, extraordinary courage and sincere service to the first-class brand direction ......

Hotel Towels, usually in plain white color, including Square Towel, Face Towel, Foot Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheets, Bathrobes. Yarn popular used is 16S, 21S, 32S, Different GSM & quality available according to the hotels request. Customer Logo can be customized with embroidery or embossing. 

Yarn Name Size MOQ N.W.(G)
32S/2 OR 16S square towel 30*30cm 10000 50
face towel 34*76cm 5000 140
bath towel 70*140cm 2000 540
foot towel 40*60cm 2000 250
21S/2   square towel 30*30cm 10000 40
face towel 34*76cm 5000 116
bath towel 70*140cm 2000 440
foot towel 40*60cm 2000 240

Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels

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