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Dongguan tiger Hanni Clothing Co., Ltd. New Year's message to send auspicious: I wish you a Happy New Year, the family happiness, all the best! Spring Festival Nafu, the New Year new atmosphere; we give the most sincere blessings to the tiger Yu Hani brand children's clothing each franchisee: I wish you have a good mood in the new year, business is getting prosperous. It is with your companionship only let us work harder, it is your concern that we often think, but also your opinion urge us to keep making progress, in the achievement of the same time, we also saw the deficiencies in the new year, We will do better and more to your satisfaction. (Dongguan Tianyu Hanni Garments Co., Ltd. marketing team) In 2011, Tiger Hanyin did not live up to expectations made brilliant achievements. The leadership of the company would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all my friends and colleagues for their hard work in all positions. I would like to thank all of you for your hard work over the past year, and I wish you all a happy New Year, happy family and all the best. ! I wish all sectors vibrant, Dragon Year auspicious! Dear friends, thank you for your continued support for us; your trust and support for the young tiger, which is the most precious asset on our way. We believe that with this precious asset, we will create new miracles one after another. The New Year's sun has risen. The New Year's sunshine has brightened the road ahead. The new year, with both hope and difficulties, have both opportunities and challenges. Let us develop achievements, boost the morale and work side by side, write a new chapter for the better tomorrow of "Little Tiger". "To be the pioneer brand of children's fashion in China" is the demand and ideal of the tiger Wannibal brand. We will continue to surpass and make continuous progress, determined to build a pioneer brand in China's children's wear fashion. We are willing to join with the tiger Yu Hani brand all customers sincere cooperation, win the brand wealth of the future. Tiger Hony official website: Join Hotline:

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