Golden rabbit rescued years of age dragon and child, bear B Bich New Year to send blessings!

Jin Rabbit resignation, Dragon world. The time of this gray tree, once again form a ring of rings. We are counting yesterday, but also looking forward to a better tomorrow! On the occasion of the advent of the Spring Festival, the bear B Qi children's wear marketing center to all the friends of the New Year, and bless friends from all walks of life in the spring, I wish the children's lives like a duck, healthy and happy growth! "BEAR BEST" brand children's clothing style from Europe and South Korea's top fashion children's clothing, fashion is a cutting-edge, casual and happy children's dreams of the top ten children's wear brand, the design team with the profound connotation of Eastern culture to develop a stylish The performance of children's innocent, fantastic, full of imaginative vitality world, the "bear culture" in the real life of clothing interpretation most vividly. "Bear B Qi" children's clothing each emphasis on the details of the design to meet the needs of children in a new era, showing the unique fashion brand personality, reflecting the spirit of the new era of vigorous children. Through the colorful spring, the face of summer as summer flowers, fruitful autumn experience, bear B Qi with joy in the winter to feel warm. We believe that the development of Bear B Qi has a broader space. In the new year, Bear B is determined to make Winnie the Bqi brand a cutting-edge brand in the new era of children's wear by offering parents and teachers the best products and services for children.

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