Mai embankment women specifically for the beautiful and romantic modern city women tailor made

Exhibition in Shenzhen City Star Industrial Co., Ltd. has been established for more than ten years of history, is a collection development, production, sales and brand management as one of the women's company, its MOTOLEY (Mutuo Li) and MIGHT ( step dike ) two brands Women .


MOTOLEY (Motuo Li) brand positioning in the high-end, aged 30-45 years old; autumn and winter equipment (excluding fur, down jacket) average price of about 1,600 yuan, the average price of 1,200 yuan in spring and summer; now opened more than 100 Shops, Shanghai New World, Shanghai China Resources Times Square, Beijing Cuiwei, Beijing Wangfujing, Shenzhen Jin Guanghua, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Maoyebaihuo, and so have the image of shops.

迈堤女装 专为唯美浪漫的现代都市女性度身而作

MIGHT brand positioning boutique high-end women's clothing, autumn and winter clothing (excluding fur, down jacket) the average price of around 2,500 yuan, the average price of about 1,800 yuan in spring and summer; flagship age of 30-year-old positioning; now Shenzhen Jin Guanghua, Shanghai Yaohan, Shanghai Mayfair Isetan opened the image shop.

迈堤女装 专为唯美浪漫的现代都市女性度身而作

Mai embankment women to participate in the 2011 best-selling clothing brand concern list themed activities. Welcome everyone to pay attention! 2011 best-selling clothing brand concern list theme activity URL:

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