The use of natural plant pigments to produce children's clothing

The use of natural plant pigments to produce children's clothing Clothing made of natural green textile materials is highly sought after by European and American merchants.

Chinese herbal medicine production textile dyes, reactive dyes alkali-free dyeing, research and development of temperature sensing fabrics ... When the consumer market put forward "green", "innovation" and Other needs, looking for innovation upstream, top-down to promote the overall improvement of the industrial chain, is Since the beginning of this year, the transformation of Quanzhou's textile and garment companies has become a major feature.

Natural dyes crack trade barriers

Luoshenhua, Malancao, Gardenia, the Chinese herbal medicine in the eyes of these people are now the treasures of textile companies. "We cooperate with a number of Chinese medicine factories to extract red, yellow, and blue colors from the liquids extracted from Chinese herbal medicines, and then select the color spectrum for the customers' selection through the three primary colors." Zeng Zhaolu, assistant president of Baode Group, introduced the technology. Use plant pigments to apply modern dyeing and finishing industries to produce healthy children's clothing.

According to reports, at present, Japan's "West Weaver", "Big Island silk" and other brand-name textiles, and the United States Allegro natural dyes can provide a variety of color cotton all-natural dye; in the country, only one or two companies to develop Plant dyes, of which the largest one is a vegetable dye company in Shaanxi, the company's plant dyes and printing and dyeing textiles are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. An industry source stated that “the children's wear market at home and abroad is paying more and more attention to 'green consumption', and the EU has established import restrictions on some textiles with synthetic dyes. Natural dyes are one of the ways to crack these restrictions.”

The refining cost is twice that of ordinary dyes

“Extracting dyes from Chinese herbal medicines is actually a return of traditional techniques.” Zeng Zhaoxi said that China is the first country in the world to use plant dyes, and the diversity of dyestuffs and process methods has enabled the ancient printing and dyeing industry to have very rich chromatograms. "Cost is now the biggest bottleneck." According to reports, although the cooperation with Chinese medicine companies, the use of "research + base + company + farmer + production" mode of production, research and development, extraction of dyes, but the natural dye extraction costs are still high, generally Twice as common industrial dyes.

According to industry experts, due to the consumption characteristics of this technology for children's clothing market, according to the number of plants planted by the related companies, such as madder, yellow scorpion, and malan grass, more than 100 tons of natural plant dyes can be processed in a year for dyeing and printing factories to process fabrics. Enterprises can use natural plant dyes to develop children's clothing 1 million sets / year, for the company's new sales revenue of 180 million yuan.

Look for innovations from the upstream of the industry chain

Not only in the field of children's clothing, the market's demand for "green technology" has enabled Quanzhou textile companies to continue to increase input and R&D in upstream raw material technology.

At the high-tech fair, the “reactive dye-free alkali dyeing technology” developed by Quanzhou enterprises attracted many eyeballs. In the dyeing process of knitted fabrics, a new type of auxiliary agent is used instead of alkali to achieve the dyeing of reactive dyes under alkali-free conditions, eliminating the large amount of alkali pollution and the discharge of large amounts of waste water, and at the same time increasing the dye uptake rate and the color of the dyed product. Bright, great inspiration to the clean production of the printing and dyeing traditional industries. When the water pattern appeared and the warm pattern disappeared, the two products named “Camouflage Fabric” and “Temperature Fabric” were the two main products exhibited by Fujian Longfeng Textile Technology Co., Ltd. at this year's Shanghai Fabric Exhibition......

“When we researched and developed functional products, we mostly worked on the finishing process and performed some functional processing. This year, we started to try to perform functional processing in the front process. For example, we choose some yarns with special functionalities. Or, if there is a choice and treatment in terms of slurry, then looking for innovations and profit points from the upstream of the industrial chain, the downstream products will naturally increase many functions, and the industrial chain will therefore be enhanced from top to bottom.” Longfeng Textile Technology R & D center responsible person. (Text / Wang Yuyu Yujing)


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