Textile and Apparel Industry: It is hard to get out of the cycle

“Oh, recruiting, recruiting, and the biggest headache for the spring of each year is the job, the job manager, the technical manager, the operations director, the chief designer, the fur technologist, the CAD boarder, the technologist, the head of the network department, I must all be a mechanic.” Wang Dayong, the chairman of Baolian Group, was very busy recently. In an interview with reporters, he pushed time again. Although the Spring Festival has passed, many areas in recent days have been cooled due to cold snaps and the down apparel market continues to be hot. In order to promote its own fashion down brand “An Meishi”, Wang Dayong must not only focus on production, channels, but also recruitment. The rise in the cost of workers is undoubtedly a fuel for him: “Our company’s Beijing base, 2011 The annual labor cost has increased by 145% compared with 2007, and the monthly average wage and welfare of first-line operators has reached 3,860 yuan. My current workers are more than 1600. How much do you think this cost is?

It is increasingly difficult for general workers and technicians to eliminate labor costs. The increase in land use fees, petroleum, electricity, logistics, and the price of raw and auxiliary materials for production, as well as the current high inflation rate, are the main factors that increase Wang Dayong's production costs. "Each increase in production costs by 1 yuan, the terminal retail price will increase by 5 yuan to 10 yuan, and the increase in the price of apparel products will become a catalyst for high inflation. At the same time, it will also become a major factor in reducing the number of orders. This is the vicious cycle of vicious circles.

After the Spring Festival, workers are very mobile and difficult to recruit. Many clothing companies have deep feelings about it. Wang Dayong has not been worried about this for the past two years: “Each year after the Spring Festival, the company must carry out large-scale recruitment work. We will In the newspapers, the Internet, job fairs, talent market, and other large-scale search for talent; every year, the difficulty and cost of recruitment will increase, recruitment and treatment must be increased by 15%-20% over the previous year; after the Spring Festival this year, there are 15 About half of the employees were lost. Those who work in general and those who have a certain amount of technical skills have become increasingly difficult to recruit."

Why is there a large number of textile and apparel companies urgently recruiting and recruiting in large quantities every spring? Do they not know that the concentration of workers to compete for workers will cause workers to sit on the ground? In fact, many clothing company owners, including Wang Dayong, are aware of this truth, but they still cannot escape such a cycle.

“How can the demand for workers be smaller as the largest number of workers in the garment industry supply chain? We are recruiting a lot of people not because of sudden increases in orders, but to maintain normal business operations.” Focused on the post-70s and 80s crowds, most of the workers lost in the Baolian Group each year are young people born after 1985. Wang Dayong said that these young people have little patience. They have not suffered any hardships and are not very qualitative. There are also some old workers who have lost their lives, mainly because of emotional difficulties. “A lot of workers told me that they still want to be accountable to their families. Together with the local economy in their hometowns, these people are not willing to go far to work elsewhere.” Wang Dayong stated that there are many reasons for the loss of workers. Some workers leave very often. Firmly, some workers are hesitant to have feelings for the company. Therefore, how to retain workers becomes a matter for every company to rack their brains to do.

Enhance welfare workers in Baolian Group has improved employee benefits. For example, 8% of employees' annual wages are paid as employees' end-of-year dividends, and two different types of employee benefits such as Thanksgiving cards are issued each year. Full air-conditioned dormitory (according to the marriage certificate arranged between the husband and wife), buffet cafeteria; each year the company held two large-scale gala evenings and a fun sports event; once a year thematic tourism; perfect ** system; Spring Festival family visits reimbursed round-trip fare; dozens of times per year Related professional skills training, etc. These are the resolutions that Wang Dayong and the company’s leadership have held many times and passed through over and over again. “We just want to make employees feel that this is a big family, although there is still a home to work outside. The warmth I feel that this warmth will allow them to stay at ease."

In an interview with this reporter, Cai Shudun, the CEO of Sri Lankan Shulang (China) Garments Co., Ltd., also stated that improving the treatment and improving the environment is the best way for companies to retain their employees: “To provide employees with a good space for development, many companies nowadays Both of them stress the warmth of people and the retention of their careers. I agree very much with this point of view. In the past two years, Shi Shulang’s humanized management model has also been increasing, including improvement of accommodation conditions and post-holiday rework policies. It was only after listening to the opinions of employees, for example, on the Spring Festival every year, we will organize buses to send workers home, which also makes the rate of rework after the Spring Festival up to 87% or more. Sincerely."

Many people say that the current problem of labor shortage is a cancer that curbs the development of enterprises. Is it really such a destructive work shortage? Every company feels different. According to Wang Dayong, as production costs have risen steadily in recent years, a large number of production orders have shifted to India, Myanmar, the Philippines, and other countries. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing rapid increases in production costs and labor costs; Decline, decrease in the number of orders, increase of employees' wages, increase of production costs but no access to orders, difficulties in receiving orders but not production of employees, many companies are in a state of profit or zero profits, unable to upgrade industries, and technologies. Investment in upgrades and equipment upgrades will seriously affect the development of the company.

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