The secret of the popular sales of enterprise terminals

[China Glass Network] For some companies, sales are difficult and difficult to get to the sky. Indeed, there are a large number of business people who have been plagued by poor sales all day long, day and night efforts, white hair is madly popping out, but the monthly sales report is still terrible... the pressure is not terrible. For example, managers of clothing companies often talk to me and say that sales are difficult, whether it is shops (shopping counters, specialty stores, specialty stores, etc.) or floor shops (commercial street stores, flagship stores, etc.), monthly sales are not Very ideal.

Take the store, for example, many shops often sell less than 20,000 yuan a month. Imagine that the sales of 20,000 yuan, minus the deduction point of 15%-27%, according to the common 20% calculation, removed 4,000 yuan, leaving 16,000 yuan; salesperson 3, 1000 yuan / month, then Accounting for 3,000 yuan, the remaining 13,000 yuan; employees to increase sales of 2% point, 400 yuan, the remaining 12,600 yuan; all kinds of messy charges in the mall, count 1,000 yuan, leaving 11,600 yuan; goods cost by 25% Calculation (conventional 4 times pricing), 5,000 yuan, there are still 6600 yuan... It seems that there are still money to make, but there are also food allowance for the staff, communication subsidies, logistics costs, return and exchange fees, and so on. It can be seen that there is not much left. If the shopping mall also requires a sales guarantee, and if the insurance amount is higher than 20,000 yuan, then such sales are destined to lose money. It is not surprising that the company's own monthly operating expenses have not been calculated here. It is difficult and stressful.

Yes, the daily sales of many clothing companies are not ideal. Companies in other industries often make this dilemma. For example, solar energy companies, there are also many sales directors, dealer bosses and other people complaining to me, saying that sales are not good, especially in May, June and July, many dealers are not zero open on the same day, nor single week zero. Open, but open zero every month. The dealers with better luck are only sold for one month, and dealers with bad luck sometimes open zero for three or four months. You said that this is not irritating, annoyed or angry?

Of course angry, of course annoyed. Sales are indeed difficult. After all, it is self-evident that the products are sold to strangers, and the brands that may be sold are simply unknown, but the price is not cheap. In this case, the difficulty is self-evident. So, sales are really difficult, even no cure?

The author conducted several years of first-line sales actual and in-depth analysis, and found that many companies have poor sales, although there are market reasons, there are also reasons for competition, but these are not the main reasons. In fact, many companies' terminal sales cannot be done, and they are inextricably linked to their own emphasis on terminal sales, support, usage, and time.

For example, the degree to which companies value terminal sales. Many companies actually don't pay much attention to terminal sales, especially in the form of agency, distribution, distribution and joining. Many companies feel that the goods are sent to the dealers, the sales are the dealers, and the sellers are good sellers. Things. Although there is no selling of goods between manufacturers, many companies pay less attention to terminal sales. This is also one aspect that many dealers complain more. It is also that many companies have found dealers for a few months, and dealers are clamoring for “divorce” and not cooperating. This also has a close relationship with the sales of the dealers, and the lack of support has a close relationship. After all, dealers have been selling products for a few months and have been selling badly. Naturally, there are many opinions, and they have to find another way out.

Another example is the degree to which companies support terminal sales. Many companies' support for terminal sales is weak. It is almost to help dealers get a few X display racks, and to engage in one or two discount promotions, it is difficult to have other support.

Obviously, for most dealers who lack good sales experience, without the support and help of the manufacturers, it is difficult to make the business prosperous by relying solely on their own "primary school minds" or "secondary minds."

Another example is how companies use terminal sales. Why terminal sales are not ideal is closely related to the solution used. Regrettably, this has become a weakness of many companies, that is, many companies themselves do not have much to deal with the changing end market, and they are more than enough to do a good job of sales. As mentioned earlier in this article, in addition to a few X-display racks, a few banners, and discounts on products, many companies have almost no other way to promote sales.

If this is the case, it is also possible to understand the poor sales of the terminal. However, this is not forgiven! Because enterprises can fully obtain better and better terminal sales promotion methods through research, actual combat, study and thinking, and achieve the purpose of quickly and effectively improving terminal sales.

It can be seen from the above analysis that terminal sales are not good, not because of fierce market competition, but because of many reasons, such as the importance of sales, the degree of support, whether there is a complete solution, brand Influence, product quality, product style, new product update speed, length of sales persistence, sales staff sales experience and skills, and so on. If companies and distributors can't do high quality in these areas, they can't quickly cure the "difficult diseases" of sales. Then, with the competition between the similar products in the market and the brands, the daily sales are not good. It is reasonable.

In fact, after several years of first-line market sales, and the outstanding performance of many companies, there are still countless ways to fully improve the terminal sales performance in a competitive environment. It is still possible to achieve excellent and even hot sales. of. The situation is already very clear: Since enterprises want to achieve the hot sales of the terminal and harvest this sweet fruit, the company must do some basic work in a down-to-earth manner, and continue to innovate and develop new sales techniques to make terminal sales more Good to meet the market, meet the consumer, and finally stand out in the fierce market competition.

Obviously, in order to achieve this goal, in addition to the company's brand construction, product quality, product style, new product update speed and other aspects must be done in a down-to-earth manner, but also to go all out to market analysis, sales strategy, price system, service Image, service attitude, sales atmosphere, system promotion, marketing, VIP marketing, group purchase marketing, sales skills and other aspects of the work to achieve quality and quality, and after a period of comprehensive efforts, terminal sales will be like a quick whip , running faster and faster, selling better and better, and finally achieving lasting and popular sales.

It can be seen that the ignited sales of the ignition terminal is a systematic project. It is a system project that can be done with high quality through a pragmatic work, which is a good job and a fruitful one. Shen Haizhong will also write about nearly 30 basic work and core contents that must be done to create a hot sale of the terminal through the series of articles on “The Secret of Enterprise Lighting Terminal Hot Sales”, and share with you and friends, and encourage them together. And through our efforts, innovation and actual combat, the terminal sales work is getting better and better, so that enterprises and dealers face the terminal sales, there is no sorrow, and it is full of joy...

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