Assia spring new sweater to teach you to mix and match fashion, easy to keep warm

Although spring has come, the temperature is still low. Dress seems too cool, the package jacket seems too monotonous, MM must be very annoyed to wear what can both stylish and warm. Xiaobian today Weapon for everyone, take a look at the delicate Mia Ya sweater, fashion mix and easy, easy to keep warm!


Like this solid color sweater, crush will always be the most popular essential items. Popular colors, cute round neck, casual style ~. Bat sleeves and pocket design make the whole dress more elegant and natural, this color is no longer monotonous this season, add a touch of fast for yourself beautiful color!

蜜西娅春季新品毛衣 教您时尚混搭,轻松御寒

Atmospheric and casual classic style, legislation cut knit fashion joker sweater, rabbit fur knit fabric classic single color, minimalist masterpiece. The decorative buckle on the side is unique and extremely exquisite, the upper body is more chic. YY stylish and simple, MM is waiting for what!

蜜西娅春季新品毛衣 教您时尚混搭,轻松御寒

A sweater will always bring us a very warm feeling, like a full of love embrace, spend the season with us, at first glance to be chest waved big wave handbag three-dimensional pattern to attract, there The kind of very happy feeling, like a smile so brilliant, exquisite knit craft show unique patterns, so that the whole sweater looks very textured, exudes a rich sense of modernity.

Embroidery daily necessities
Embroidery is one of China's outstanding national traditional crafts. China was the earliest country in the world to find and use silk, and people started reeling and reeling four or five thousand years ago. With the use of silk, silk production and development, embroidery process is also gradually emerging, and involves all aspects of human life.

Almost everyone in the modern pursuit of quality of life, especially those urban families, for the most basic household products are very aware of the brand, especially personal daily necessities. With the emergence and development of embroidery products, and in view of people's health awareness of silk and their own health, embroidery has become the new darling of the market, widely loved by everyone. Aisha•Lee Hui embroidery development so far, the scale has been formed, the product category more, including daily necessities are also distinctive, rich in variety, drawn mostly birds and insects fish, folk and traditional ornamentation, quite festive color. We have a professional design team dedicated to creating different products, using the modern perspective, aesthetic view of traditional culture, and with the market-oriented model, to promote and derive.

Embroidery daily necessities Embroidery

Embroidery daily necessities Hand Embroidery Of Daily Necessities


Aisha•Lee embroidery products out of respect for the traditional process, our products are after numerous folk artists perception of the natural environment, the result of the idea. Each of our products is an affectionate piece of embroidery embroidered by countless needles.

Hand Embroidery Of Daily Necessities

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