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2012 spring has come, the family grew up princess, young master who also immediately began to kindergarten, and want to fashion the baby cute fashion is the dream of every tide. Korean version of the children's clothing Korean children's wear the original single children's wear Which is the most damp their mom? With the success of Korean movies in recent years, the popularity of Korean dramas in the Asian region, the Korean culture, specialty products, creative products, clothing and beauty products are gradually becoming well-known and loved by many people, especially young people. Every baby is an angel coming down, want your baby bright, everyone first thought is the Korean version of children's clothing, with the popularity of Korean version of children's wear in recent years, adults and children are also particularly fond of, especially the Korean children's clothing more The more popular the majority of their favorite mom, his unique design concept, fashion, cute, let the baby more significant lovely trend. Yantai paddy children's wear is a children's wear company already has many years of history. Designer is the first time in South Korea holds the latest Korean fashion models, have a first-class production line, with a strong sales community. Is also a small well-known in Shandong, a Korean children's wear specializing in the production of wholesale sales in the leading enterprises. Also by the major consumer groups recognized. Company's product design trends followed by Japan and South Korea. Integration of deep Eastern culture. Efforts to create outstanding personality of paddy clothing, the application of environmentally friendly fabrics, fashion style, wearing comfortable and other excellent quality and unique style, the "Inva" children's wear clothing well into the children's wear industry's well-known brands. Mission: Honesty and trustworthiness, unity and cooperation, advancing with the times and common development, "there is a competitive vitality, there is cooperation in trust" We will warmly welcome every customer, be cordial, polite, honest, patient answer the correct product performance and its Price quoting. To ensure that every customer get a satisfactory answer. First, the quality and security promise: to ensure the original sales, eliminate the sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, once found, a penalty fake. Second, the price of quality commitment: commodity price tag, refused to fraud. Third, responsible for the commitment: If found the quality of products, the company promised unconditional return, except for human causes. National toll free number:

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Felt Clutch Bag

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