Gift Marketing: Types of Relationships from Multiple Perspectives

Gift Marketing: Types of Relationships from Multiple Perspectives The study of consumer gift purchase decisions by Jiang Lianxiong and Lu Taihong found that Chinese consumers’ decision styles for gift purchases are determined by the relationship types, which lead to different directions for purchasing gift decisions, and regulate the influence of motivation on the purchase decision style. Different types of relationships reflect different emotional appeals and become one of the important dimensions of gift marketing classification.

Family-friendly affection-type gift-doping tools have less sexual purposes, and are warm, practical, and personalized.

Warm. Use special birthdays such as birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Children's Day to express your feelings. The main feature of affectionate gifts is warmth, which can be clearly communicated and conveyed. For example, around the time of Father's Day in 2011, the youngsters in the 80s favored the “Best Daddy Card”, “Honored Daddy Trophy”, and printed “Daddy I Love You" towels.

practical. The gift of relatives sent to the outer layer of the differential pattern is more pragmatic and of higher quality. It is necessary to express the love of the loved one's blood and leave personal face. For example, during the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and other traditional festivals, local festivals featuring specialties or exquisite holiday packages have become a necessity for Chinese to visit relatives and friends. Gifts for loved ones, the best, not necessarily more expensive, the key lies in your heart.

personality. Such as custom pillows, photo-printing cups, etc., received such a well-designed gift, to see the thoughts you spend, loved ones must be very pleasant surprises, but also can be preserved forever, very memorable and treasured value.

Once a love-type product is given the meaning of love, it becomes a gift that touches the heart and full of deep meaning, and the value is doubled.

romantic. Romantic gifts are generally limited to flowers, chocolates and other items that symbolize love. The romance of gifts is not in the gifts themselves, but in the way of giving gifts, such as "clowns" gifts companies.

Chic. Love-type gifts will be chic, unique to the extreme, custom or homemade lover gifts are popular with young people, such as couple table lamp with their own photo design, lettering "best boyfriend" medal, unique custom lovers cup are Couple keen gifts.

Timeless. A timeless gift usually represents a profound meaning and is worth keeping for memory. For example, sending him (her) a love letter of bamboo slips that can be permanently treasured, giving him (her) a special surprise, so that he (she) treasured N years can always come out and experience your piece of heart. Custom bamboo slips mean a lifetime I gift. Another example is that the comb represents Acacia and love. In ancient times, there was usually a meaning to make love.

The business gift giver lets the recipient feel his/her own intention through the business gift, and realizes the “exchange” purpose of “selfish” through the “sincerity” of “alteracy”, and enhances the trust.

Refined. Exquisite gifts, people can not put it down, can make people think things. When you see corporate gifts, you think of entrepreneurs, think of corporate organizations, and think of the days of corporate interaction. Some things aren't expensive, they are the best, but business gifts must be refined. This is respect for each other. In addition, it is important to be portable.

unique. I choose to pay attention to people who have no gifts, I have excellent people, I am new people. For example, the gift given by the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant in Huizhou is a model of a nuclear power plant. The cost of the gift is not high, but it is unique. Business gifts must not only be unique, but also pay attention to fashion. For example, using a customer's photo to build a DIY creative live-action cartoon soft Tao Gongzi, this completely breaks through the cold face of traditional portraits.

durable. We give gifts in corporate communications. One is the image of the organization and the company where the promotion and promotion are located. The second is to express our gratitude to the customer and further strengthen the existing relationship. The longer the customer keeps the gift, the longer and deeper the advertising effect will be.

Incentive reward gifts are used in various events such as culture, sports, and entertainment. Encouraging, rewarding, symbolic goods or companies provided by the organizer or sponsoring company to the entrants encourage the employees and enhance the internal cohesion of the enterprise. Or gift from time to time.

Sincerity. Reward-type gifts contain more instrumental or ceremonial elements, but relatively few sentimental elements. They can be cash or directly expressed in cash, such as cash awards for winners of events, televisions, and other durable goods. The "If You Are the One" program gave the honored guests Hawaiian tourism support, etc. The purpose is to let the recipient know the value of the gift and feel the sincerity of the gift giver.

excitation. The reward type gift can also be a unique item with commemorative value, such as gold and silver bronze medals, trophies, etc. for various sports events. Most of the incentive gifts for SMEs are cash rewards, daily necessities or value-added prizes such as stock shares and bonds. The incentive incentives for big brands are increased. The purpose of these incentive gifts is to allow recipients to remain for a long time after the event ends. Feel the charm of activity or corporate welfare.

Promotional promotional gifts are mainly gifted advertisements that are intended to attract customers, increase product sales or expand brand influence, and establish a good corporate image and are presented to consumers. Gift givers' gifting psychology has strong tool components. .

Low value. The scale of the audience for promotional gifts is large. One-to-many gift-giving methods enable companies to consider the cost issue while considering audience psychology and life needs. Promotional gifts are mainly attached to the product service, so they have low value and are easy to use. Consumption characteristics. Such as the purchase of glass of whole milk box, purchase a certain amount of gift vouchers.

novel. The principle of novelty is that the product's promotional items must strive to be novel and prominent, and must have a strong sense of value. Although it is novel, it should also pay attention to the factors that are applicable to the general public.

Associations. Associated gifts allow consumers to think of gifts immediately and think of products, and play a role in the dissemination of corporate products and brand image. Helps initiate brand positive associations and influence purchase behavior.

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