Mai Jia denim brand 2012 spring models colorful shelves

Recently, Mai Jia cowboy launched a new 2012 spring new. The new paragraph for the first wave of spring 2012, Mai Jia cowboy full range of spring models will be gradually colorful shelves, dealers can pay close attention to product background updates. Mai Jia cowboy 2012 spring models continue to continue the fashion wild design style, in addition to the general outfit of the classic models such as general wash, snow wash, nostalgia wash, the color cow series has become the new product of this quarter of Macca, bright red, Colorful yellow, bright blue, bright green and other colorful colors added to the spring atmosphere, the overall style is more bright and fresh than the autumn and winter. Mai Jia marketing department said that this year after the company's new shelves is very fast, after the Chinese New Year season sales, dealer inventory is not much, the company's first wave of shelves dozens of new models can be very timely with the distribution Business quickly into the normal operation of the track. As the current replenishment system is often in a busy state, if the dealer can not order normally, please call customer service department consulting.

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3`x6` Nepali Rug

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