Baodi wakes up tips to say goodbye to "getting out of bed"

The day is in the morning. After a night of sleep, when I was woken up by the alarm clock in the morning, I felt sleepy, didn't want to leave the comfortably warm bed, and struggled to get up. Don't worry, today, the brand home textile Baojiao Home Textile Sleep Consultant will teach you a few tricks, so that you can easily say goodbye to "getting out of bed" and start a beautiful life of the day.

1. Wake up immediately after waking up. After waking up from sleep, the body turns from inhibition to excitement, which requires a process. If you wake up and get out of bed immediately, it is prone to dizziness, vertigo and other discomforts, especially for middle-aged and elderly people. Therefore, it is advisable to stretch after waking up.

2, can not afford to wake up after bed. When you sleep and stay in bed for a long time, you will feel your limbs sinking and your spirits will be weak. This is because the sleepiness is not conducive to the body's yang hair. Therefore, after waking up in the morning, you should not be in love.

3, avoid violent exercise immediately after waking up. Appropriate exercise after morning is a lot of benefits, but these exercises must be taken in the morning to rest, blood and yin and yang balance, otherwise prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, especially in the elderly should pay more attention.

4. Don't wake up and immediately put in a tight job. Some people can't stretch after waking up, wash their faces, or drink a few mouthfuls of water, and immediately put into work forbidden. Such a result not only reduces work efficiency, causes fatigue, but also seriously affects the changes of qi and yang, which is very unfavorable to health. (宝缦)

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