WOLSEY and the history of golf development

The origin of golf is as fascinating as the sport itself. The four known origins are the origins of Roman origin, the origin of the Netherlands, the origin of Scotland, and the origin of China.

First, some historians traced the movement to the Pagania game in Rome, where participants used curved sticks to hit the filled leather ball. Second, the origin of the Dutch golf ball is the transliteration of the Dutch KOLF. More than 1,000 years ago, when shepherds were to spend their free time, they often used small sheep's sticks to hit small stones. Over time, they often hit farther than others, hit the right ones, or both. Third, originated in Scotland, for the origin of the United Kingdom and golf, maybe everyone will be more familiar. 4. Although the development of golf originating in China and China has only been for more than 20 years, according to historical records, China has had a kind of sports activity called “捶丸” in the Tang Dynasty, which is similar to golf.

The above four statements are all based on evidence. However, as a world sport recognized by most countries in the world, there is no doubt that the birthplace of golf is Scotland. St. Andrews, Golf's English name Golf, means "hitting, playing" in the Scottish dialect. The world's first golf club was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, but the real rise of golf should begin in 1457 in St. Andrews city, Scotland.

The symbol of modern golf development was in 1764. The old stadium of St. Andrews created an 18-hole ball game. Golf's first commercial open, also the oldest tournament and open tournament in the world, also known as the British Open, was first held in Ayrshire in 1860.

The British Open is one of the four major professional golf tournaments in the world and the earliest and most professional commercial modern golf tournament. The British Golf Open and the later American Masters, US Open and the US PGA Championships are also known as the "World Golf Four Opens."

British clothing brand WOLSEY, as the world's first brand to produce golf apparel, has a long history and is driving tremendous growth in golf development. In today's world of fashion, few brands have a history of more than 260 years, but WOLSEY is such a brand.

It began in 1755 (20 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong), and generation after generation of operators, providing well-designed and high-quality clothing products for the general public, famous golfers and even the British royal family of different colors.

The economic boom after World War I in 1920 made outdoor activities such as golf, tennis and swimming extremely popular. WOLSEY became a well-known consumer brand of golf apparel, tennis knitwear and swimwear, and was favored by many sports organizations and individuals. WOLSEY is also known as the first brand to produce professional golf competition clothing.

The development of golf in the UK is inseparable from the impetus of the royal family. The "Royal Ancient Golf Club" has been in the UK since the 16th century, and the inauguration ceremony of the leader is no less than the coronation ceremony of the British royal family. The enthusiasm of the British royal family for golf has made golf more popular among European upper-class societies. Even King James VI of Scotland, before inheriting the British throne in 1603, is also obsessed with golf. His mother, Queen Mary of Scotland, is also a golf fan. After James VI became the King of England, golf played a prominent role in the royal family and officially became one of the most popular sports in the royal family.


The WOLSEY brand has received multiple royal equity certifications. This equity certification has been a symbol of honor since the Middle Ages and has been awarded a royally-certified company, which means high quality and a wide reputation. As a royal warrant holder, WOLSEY is granted the right to display royal badges on official documents, logos and packaging of company products. It also laid the foundation for its advantages in the field of golf apparel.

In 1935, WOLSEY was appointed King George V, the appointed royal clothing manufacturer. This certification ceremony was very high at the time and was held under the personal arrangement of the monarchs and has been retained until today.

Since 1953, WOLSEY has been fortunate to provide clothing products to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In 1959, the mother of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth also granted royal warrants to WOLSEY, which further attracted the company's attention. More laid the status of WOLSEY as the originator of the golf apparel brand.

After the 1920s, WOLSEY took the lead in golf apparel and sportswear, and began to choose well-known sports stars as brand spokespersons. WOLSEY is also known as the first clothing commercial brand to sponsor the Golf Business Open.

In 1974, the "Fox" logo began to be widely used in WOLSEY golf apparel products. Today, "Fox" is recognized worldwide as the international brand identity of WOLSEY series golf apparel products.

Tony Jacklin became the WOLSEY brand spokesperson in the 1970s. He is the British Open champion, the US Open champion and one of the world famous golfers. WOLSEY is also one of the first manufacturers to sponsor golf professional clothing equipment, and increased its business cooperation with the four major open competitions, from the commercial field to the development of golf. Since the 1970s, it has also opened up the glory of modern golf for 30 years.

In the same period in Asia, Australia and Canada, WOLSEY is very popular among professional athletes and ordinary fans. It is the most famous golf apparel brand today.

Since the early 20th century sponsored the four major golf tournaments, WOLSEY has become an important professional game equipment for the world's golfers. Signed a number of golf masters including Woody Pepe, WOLSEY's fox logo, often appear in professional golf, including the four major golf tournaments, widely used by the world's top golfers.

Golf, starting from the fifteenth century aristocratic movement, developed into the British royal family, became an important sport of today's popular, and through the operation of modern commercial competitions, gradually formed the "four major championships"-based commercial events. A number of excellent equipment brands accompanying the development of golf, such as WOLSEY and Golden Bear, were born. The development of golf projects in the commercial field has been widely loved by the public and has gradually become an Olympic competition. (Image text is provided by the customer)

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