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With the increasing awareness of self-protection, the demand for clothing has become higher and higher. Even as a new industry, the development of flame-retardant zippers is still making great strides. A few days ago, the reporter walked into Wuxi Tianyi Zipper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TYZ) and experienced the zipper at a close distance. This seemingly obscure but indispensable accessory production process.

Wuxi Tianyi Zipper Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. As a manufacturer of domestic well-known functional zippers, its products mainly include waterproof zippers and flame-retardant zippers. According to Zhang Ruiying, general manager of the company, all the company's production equipment is imported from Germany and Taiwan, China, and strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system. All products are manufactured according to the OEKO-TEX STAND 100 standard. All of them have been tested by SGS, STR and ITS international product quality agencies to meet the ASTM 1984 series of standards. In addition, the company pays attention to the development of its own R&D team and continues to meet the market demand while maintaining its leading domestic industry position.

1. The combination of leather and clothing should maintain the unity of style and color, avoiding too bright colors. Commonly used black and white ash, black, dark and light color.
2. The short Leather Jacket is handsome and can stretch the proportion of the lower body.
3. A handsome neutral leather jacket, while also allowing the personality to be publicized, and the personality pattern T-shirt is a classic match.
4. Handsome leather locomotive, full of personality. At the same time, the slimming effect is also good, with a long scarf to increase the warmth.
5. The handsome locomotive leather jacket can also wear a charming femininity, the focus is on wearing an ultra-short jumpsuit skirt.
Leather match
Leather match
6. The combination of leather and black tights is clean and neat, and the sunglasses are even more chilly and arrogant.
7. Lapel jacket for women with larger heads and big wavy hairstyles
8. Short-sleeved stand-up jacket with a long-sleeved shirt, it is a casual fit with darker jeans.
9. Matching hats is more fashionable. The hooded leather is a style specially designed for fashionable girls. The handsome in casual, the feminine in toughness, the soft leather, patent leather, and even the soft-skinned bonnet are your first choice, and the knight hat is also very good.
10. The addition of unique leopard or animal prints makes the leather more wild.
Leather clothes and accessories are divided into four series according to style: handsome cool neutral sex \ street hipsters \ moderate women pie \HOTXG pie

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