LINGKUCUN free and natural interpretation beyond and treason

LINGKUCUN is a free symbol, never confused at the fashionable crossroads. Our design language is between life and literature, with loneliness and loneliness. We are in an unruly gesture in the tide of the waves running in LINGKUCUN world, our soul is sublimated, although the appearance of indifference and loneliness, but the heart is constantly copying warmth and enrichment.


LINGKUCUN is a character, free and natural deduction and rebellion. We all have no regrets in passing through the fingers of the youth, even if it was devoted to escape and escape wandering wandering years, but that is a new beginning to reshape life, we follow the popular but not drifting, growing up with LIINGKUCUN Days, is the collision of sensual and rational thinking, every designer's work, will restore the true nature of life, restore happy life and freedom of nature.

LINGKUCUN 自在而自然的演绎超越和叛逆

LINGKUCUN fully demonstrated today's feminine personality, freedom, pleasure, the pursuit of fashion, passionate youthful vigor. Designers use better technique and perfect female body modification, so that women bloom infinite beauty and inherent charm, the zero inventory LINKUCUN urban women to become among the most popular fashion brands.

Fancy Yarn with natural fiber appearance and natural color characteristics is produced by special process with polyester fiber or nylon as raw materials




Wool-like is composited by different shrinkage material through special texturing deform process. After dye the fabric get wool touch. Widely use on water jet loom, air jet loom for women garments.

Linen-like bright colour, breathability and good moisture absorption. It`s cost performance is better than the linen fabrics. Mainly applicable for bag fabric,home textile,garments such as down jacket, mountaineering jacket, ski suit etc. widely use on water jet loom, air jet loom, warp knitting.

CDP is composited by semi dull and cationic polyester through texturing deform process. After dye the fabric can get two different color. Main for circular knitting for sportswear T-shirt fabric and polar fleece fabric.

Melange yarn is composited by raw white and black polyester through texturing deform process, adjust the ratio of each material can get different blackness, widly use for weaving and knitting.

Loop yarn

Thick and Thin yarn

Cotton like

Nep(Knop) Yarn

Slub yarn 

 Slub Yarn

Polyester Fancy Yarn

Fancy Yarn,Fancy Knitting Yarn,Polyester Fancy Yarn,Polyester Fancy Yarn For Knitting