The tide prince Pan Yibai wears Swiss Ai Gol to appear, and the retro watch has become a new trend?

Pan Yibai "Pan Shuai" recently collaborated with the Swiss watch brand Ai Geer to shoot a group of fashion blockbusters, fashion sense is still unabated.

In the filming, he wore a white shirt and a black jacket outside, and he was still casual. Pan Yubai, who was dubbed the "love watch madman", chose the Aiguer "寇德克斯" series of fully automatic mechanical watches, fashion burst table.

In the eyes of fans, Pan Yibai is a fashionista with sunshine and energy. Many people remember that the hip-hop new music of "Gecko Walk" is the original impression of Pan Yibo. The unique singing and new style is a lot of youth memories after 80s and 90s.

In fact, Pan Yibo first debuted as a music host, and before he became a singer, he first appeared in a TV series. It can be said that it is the spirit of unbounded exploration that has shaped the present Pan Weibo. In recent years, while he is concentrating on his creation, he is constantly exploring new areas. From singers to founders of Tide Brands, he has always followed the development of the times, explored a new future, and cracked the growth password in time.

In this group of fashion shoots, Pan Aibo's Aiguille “Zhe Dex” series of fully automatic mechanical watches not only have the beauty of modern Swiss machinery, but also highlight the concept of light retro fashion, which perfectly echoes the bronze and black color.

Although the square case has always given a classic impression, this Aiguer “寇德克斯” series of automatic mechanical watches, cleverly embellished the unique trapezoidal calendar in the plate, adding a chic silhouette to its retro style. Gives the watch a unique, avant-garde feel that contrasts with the rigorous lines of the case, making the watch more dynamic.

In the production and development of the movement, Ai Geer never stops. Through the large opening and seeing the bottom cover, the wearer can enjoy the precise operation of the movement and feel the time. The Aiguer "寇德克斯" series is equipped with the self-developed CAL.A3350 automatic mechanical movement with 27 ruby ​​bearings and blue steel screws and brass gears. The rich colors are very ornamental. .

Combined with the two-way winding system and the Incabloc suspension system, the vibration frequency is, and the power storage can reach 42 hours, ensuring more stable and accurate operation.

All along, Egole continues to explore mechanical aesthetics, insists on the pursuit of technology and aesthetics, and gives the extraordinary aesthetic value of each watch with exquisite craftsmanship and an indeterminate design concept.

Pan Weibo has been in the ever-changing entertainment industry for 20 years. He has performed concerts, participated in TV series, and created tide cards... It has become an all-round artist in today's versatile development. Looking back on his path to growth, he found that he never stopped exploring. He constantly improves himself and pursues excellence in the constant challenge of new things. These coincide with the brand spirit of “Unbounded Exploration” advocated by Igol watches.

Pan Yibo's continuous exploration in the entertainment industry has turned into an all-round artist who is now versatile; Ai Geer has been advancing with the times in the watchmaking industry and has become a favorite luxury luxury watch brand. Time passwords, hidden in the landscape of the road of exploration, hidden in the courage of continuous transcendence, hidden in the exploration of the fortrigent.

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