Close friends intimate brand underwear China's most valuable underwear chain brand

Since its establishment in 2010, Miyou Miyuki apparel has rapidly grown to the mission of "becoming China's most valuable underwear chain operator" and "becoming China's most valuable underwear chain brand". At present, various provinces and cities in the country set up a number of branches, Shenzhen has become another success of the brand underwear chain!
The company implements the responsibility system of general manager under the leadership of the board of directors. It consists of finance center, enterprise management center, operation center, operation and mining center, administrative human resources center and chain stores. The department managers are responsible for the general manager, Responsible, that is responsible for the layers of responsibility management system. At the same time the close friends in the possession of a group of high-quality, full of passion and vitality of management personnel. We are fully committed, smiling service, independent innovation, keep its promise. With advanced technology and quality service, intimate friends brand underwear popular.

Clients intimate friends view is customer first, to meet the demand, we insist on quality, reputation as life, service features, customer satisfaction as the criteria for the work, and constantly create the core competitiveness, to take Uniform image of the logo, a unified price, a unified commodity services, unified management, unified distribution mode of operation, to create a one-stop lingerie shopping environment, to give consumers more joy and comfort and more shopping enjoyment.
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The close friends boudoir company long-term development goals and objectives is to establish a unified, stable and healthy development of the national chain stores. Not instant success, only focus on long-term development, the pursuit of brand reputation in the minds of consumers, continue to introduce products to meet the public, and provide strong technical support later, and strive to be a successful one to join the company in the short term to become the industry One of the representative enterprises, in order to achieve a hundred years intimate friends, the global boudoir intimate brand goal chain!

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All stars cheerleading uniform: it's made from 250gsm/260gsm lycra and some popular mystique fabric and custom mesh fabric. Our prices are based on the custom design and fabric required. It's around $ 50-$70

Cheer Practice Wear: it's made from polyester&spandex. We apply for quardrupe needles and six stitches, which is firm enough when being streched hardly. The prices are based on the quantity. It's around $ 12 per pcs 

Cheer Hair bows: As for Cheer Bows , glitter fabric is the fabric we often use which feel and touch better compared with mystique fabric. We also do sublimated bows which are cost effective.

Cheer warm up: it's made from polyester&spandex. Any colors available for Custom Tracksuits or jackets

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