Song of Solomon 2012 fall and winter new life of the year to adjust the type gathered underwear

It is Taobao selling ladies lingerie brand leader in the ranking, it ,, personal comfort, suitable for women of all ages, it is the Song of Solomon Li brand fashion underwear. Its products have their own advantages, each selling point, sisters can choose according to their own requirements, mature sexy, pure and sweet, stylish personality or elegant luxury, has a good posture from having a good underwear to start!


Arquette 2012 autumn and winter of the new year of the Fahrenheit adjusted gather bra underwear Fog early morning series, the color is bright black, festive red, light purple mist and baby powder four colors. Thin lace, into crystal glass yarn, with chiffon wrinkle design, elegant and sweet co-exist.


Thin under the thick cup step by step, the natural modification of the chest type, cup peak pad, chest line instantly improve breast milk unlimited focus; simple three-breasted design, making wearing comfortable and convenient, to reduce the sense of restraint, four-color optional Stylish and wild.

Full Saddle Pad

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