2020 early spring black gallon purple? Red Kaibell women's clothing is the first step to arrange for you!

Purple stands for courage, courage, obscurity, depression, mystery, deepness, maturity, romance ... the rich purple gives a mysterious feeling.

Purple also represents nobility, often becoming the color that nobles love. Represents courage, courage, obscurity, depression, mystery, deepness, maturity, and romance.

And blackcurrant purple is a kind of purple with rich color and pink tone, which can perfectly blend the elegance of purple with the gentleness of pink.

Blackcurrant purple, quiet and romantic, is both deep and advanced, and is widely used in the field of clothing. It can be said that it is the darling of designers. In the early spring of 2020, Pantone's popular color set black gallon purple as the new phase of popular color, while HOKABR red Kaibel women's clothing as early as the new autumn and winter 2019, it will first use the mysterious and elegant black gallon purple.

From the whole set of black gallon purple, to the individual presentation of individual items, from the extremely shiny and silky shirt fabric, to the structured suit fabric, from the delicate and beautiful lace fabric, to the soft, comfortable, breathable Cashmere wool ...

HOKABR Red Kaibell Autumn / Winter 2019, shows the ingenuity of applying blackcurrant purple to different single products, inside, coat, thin, thick, easy to control.

In terms of style, it is even more witty. In the next second, the elite women in the workplace can be transformed into the queen of temperament at the dinner, the full-minded Royal Sister, or the Miss Wen Wan, easily pulled. Your atrium ...

This fall and winter, put blackcurrant purple on your body early, you can also become a fashionista who is at the forefront of fashion!

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