Full Online and Offline Firepower: Enlightenment from Button Goods to Designer Brand E-commerce Platform

With the upgrading of mass consumption and the introduction of well-known foreign designer e-commerce platforms into the Chinese market, domestic independent original designer brands have also seen an unprecedentedly good situation. On the one hand, the Chinese market has indeed shown a friendly attitude towards designer brands in recent years. First of all, from the manufacturer's point of view, the order with only a few thousand pieces of clothing in previous years has been changed to the order of dozens of pieces and one hundred pieces, which can be produced, which provides the necessary conditions for niche designers. On the other hand, more and more post-80s, post-90s, and even post-00s are pursuing personalized trend trends rather than blindly following the trend. As young people's consumption concepts begin to change, designer brands full of personality are gradually occupying young consumer groups. In this situation, it is difficult for e-commerce platforms to rely solely on traffic dividends for growth, and they have begun to seek for personalization and fashion. The most important thing is that more and more independent designers have emerged. The reason is that many fashion students have started to start a business, and the way they start a business is to be their own creative brand. In this context, the value of e-commerce for independent designer brands has become increasingly prominent.

With the rapid rise of original designer brand sales, some e-commerce platforms have also opened up original designer brand collection store models. All major platforms are scrambling to sign up designers and become designer incubators. Many e-commerce platforms are madly competing for excellent independent designer brand resources. In general, the Chinese market's attitude towards designer goods is improving, and domestic independent designer aggregation store platforms are developing rapidly, but it takes time to form a market for this scale, mainly because designer e-commerce is still in At the stage of cultivating users, the users of designer e-commerce are generally relatively young. In addition to economic factors, many users have more diversified wear styles and are not limited to a certain style.

The growth of button users is also on a gradual upward trend. CEO Winnie of Buttons believes that since the creation of buttons and products, it is clear that the platform's positioning must provide independence for young people who have more and more attitudes and opinions A meeting place for designer goods. Don't hit the money, it's very unique. The button slogan used to slogan on its platform is a true portrayal of the self-pursuit of contemporary young people. Winnie hopes that the foundation will be stabilized step by step, and the potential of good buttons will not be underestimated when China's personalized consumer market fully arrives.

In recent years, some designer brand e-commerce companies have expanded rapidly by burning money. Some designer brand e-commerce companies have chosen to lower the consumption threshold and started to take the sale route. Some designer brand e-commerce companies even directly abandon independent designer brands in this area. Turn to the Volkswagen brand. Button young goods, a young independent designer brand e-commerce platform, still chooses to focus on the original business philosophy under the severe market situation, and insists on focusing on the taste and tone of global independent designer brands. This article will use buttons as an example to talk about some inspirations for the transformation of designer brand e-commerce platforms.

Flexible online operation: global buyer + exclusive brand authorization

Established in 2018, Button Goods is the first domestic light luxury e-commerce app based on global independent designer brands. In the past two years, with its high-quality, unique style and exclusive authorized product concept, button good things have won the love and trust of consumers. Now it has become one of the most powerful independent designer brand sales platforms. Haowu has more than 200 exclusive worldwide authorized sales brands. In terms of operating models, Button Goods currently implements a comprehensive operating model from design, sales, customer service, and operations.


Whether e-commerce can survive, in addition to its business model, the channel of supply is very important. Whether the manufacturer's authorization and support can be obtained to obtain first-hand supplies is related to the survival and development of the platform. Even if external financing is not available, if the platform itself has enough traffic and sufficient supplies, it can still survive and develop on its own. But without a brand authorization, only relying on the buyer, the operating cost increased, and in the end it could only be out. The problem of supply is the shortcoming of many e-commerce platforms and a pain point for the entire industry. Many western brands have a long history, and their offline layout in the country has basically been completed, and their supply chains are relatively complete. If it is easily authorized to the e-commerce platform, the interests of offline distributors and physical stores will be damaged. In fact, some brands will choose to authorize e-commerce. However, with the frequent occurrence of fake goods incidents, brands have questioned the e-commerce platform, and it is not uncommon to withdraw authorization.

Button goodies are precisely aligned with the global independent designer brand sub-category in cross-border e-commerce. Most of the plight of e-commerce are foreign brands. They belong to strong brands. They are not interdependent with the platform. They have a strong sense of control and price control of channels. In the face of some strong luxury brands, e-commerce platforms may be relatively weak, especially e-commerce platforms with less traffic are more difficult to survive. The difference between designer brands and luxury brands is that luxury brands pay more attention to experiential marketing and experience consumption, while designer brands place more emphasis on value and cultural concepts and more emotional levels of communication with customers. The brands on the button goods are produced by independent foreign designers. Because the team has fashion buyers from all over the world, and also has experience as a consultant for designer brands, it is very sensitive to trends and trends. After the initial screening, the platform will decide whether to go online according to the material and price.


At present, the independent designer's own operational capabilities and supply chain control capabilities are not mature enough. On the other hand, from the perspective of the industrial chain, the links between designers and consumers have begun to change, the traditional fashion week model has been challenged, and the store model has been crumbling. Not only niche designers, but also many of the world's leading global designer brands are experiencing operational issues.

Under such a premise, the pain point of button-goods grabbing is the problem of designer brand “selling expensively” and “not buying”. Good button products not only solve the pain points of buying personalized products, but also the pain points of designers. Button Goods has obtained exclusive authorization from the designer brand for stable cooperation and support to help independent designers to issue one item, thereby solving the problem of excessive costs caused by independent designer brands due to low orders, forecast deviations, or overstocking. In addition, the existing mature channel capabilities and marketing resources of Button Goods have saved expenses for traditional designer brands, thus making it possible for designer brand products to reduce costs.

Button Goods is designed to provide unique designer clothing for young white-collar workers in the first- and second-tier cities aged 25-35. At present, the platform GMV has reached 10 million, with an annual growth rate of over 300%. It has gathered more than 200 designers from all over the world, more than 200 co-stars and fashion bloggers, and a total of more than 1 million users. The Button Goods platform currently operates skus for men's and women's clothing, shoe bag accessories, and household items. Buttons and goodies adopt a model of buying handmade products, bringing together experienced buyers from all over the world to create a platform for designer goods. Buyers of buttons and goodies not only go to purchase goods around the world, but also apply for entry. Designer brand review. The youngest buyer of button goodies is 98 years old, which reflects the requirements of button goodies for themselves, and strive to grasp the most cutting-edge, fashionable and youngest designer products.

Designer brands have the attributes of young people, but excessively high prices have hindered young consumers from buying products, resulting in actual purchase groups of consumers over 35-40 years of age and economic strength. This asymmetry is an important reason why it is difficult for designers to sell their brands. By helping designer brands reduce costs, Buttons and Goods ultimately hopes to solve the business layered phenomenon of designer product consumption. In today's clothing market, thousands of pieces of clothing are sold at a price, and many independent clothing designers are squeezed by mass-produced clothing companies without any respite. Many designer teams have only two or three people. If the clothes are not sold, they may face serious problems. Good buttons provide good channels and operations for these designer brands for more consumers to understand.

Offline horse race enclosures to create a new retail layout

Although it seems that physical stores will still be the main position of clothing e-commerce platforms. At the same time, with the development of the Internet, e-commerce is a channel that such brands must occupy. The traditional channels for luxury goods are offline, such as specialty stores, flagship stores, etc. This is a channel that global luxury brands attach great importance to and cultivate all year round. The online platform is an important complement to the offline. Luxury goods will also have inventory problems. Many online platforms may handle inventory for selling slow-selling or out-of-season products. But doing it offline may affect brand image.

China is a big consumer of designer brands globally, but it is not a big producer. At present, there are no major changes in designer brand merchandise channels, and many international designer brands will continue to penetrate the market. Except for some first-tier cities such as Beishangguang, they will start to sink to second- and third-tier cities in the future to open specialty stores. Their landing strategy will not change. Although many designer brands prefer physical stores, their online market share will also increase, and they will be more inclined to high-traffic platforms. From the development of original independent designer brands that started online to today, a number of high-quality brands have also precipitated, and a wave of customers has also been harvested. Under the fierce competition, these brands are constantly looking for ways to more closely contact with consumers. At present, the existing technologies and methods online are difficult to meet the needs of customers in this area, and offline stores, consumers To get a better product experience. Each designer brand's offline physical store has its own style and characteristics, thereby enhancing its brand image. This is difficult to achieve by e-commerce platforms alone.

In order to comply with the market's requirements, Button Goods is developing from a single online e-commerce state to a new retail format combining online and offline. It has begun to focus on the consumer experience of clothing quality and store services, forming an online and offline joint development. Button Goods is expected to launch next year in Shenzhen Shenye Uptown. The new store will mainly serve global original designer brands whose platforms have been exclusively licensed, and will promote the well-known designer brands in the store. The overall area of ​​the flagship store under the button is about 350 square meters. It has a third floor, a showroom on the first floor, and an office area on the second and third floors. The flagship store's decoration is mainly in the color of Morandi, and the style is very design and space. The flagship store will include a number of women's clothing, men's clothing and accessories brands. The display equipment will be mainly women's clothing and accessories, and there are many original design brands with good sales performance worldwide. So many brands are concentrated in one store, and the overall focus is on side-hanging and display. After the consumption upgrade, consumers have higher requirements on the style and quality of clothing. Therefore, at the same or higher price, consumers are more willing to enter the store to experience, and have seen and compared to try and buy clothes. On the other hand, consumers can fully enjoy the shopping experience. For example, the shopping guide will recommend some products based on the customer's personal temperament and preferences. These are not reachable by e-commerce. The significance of the button-good offline experience store is also that if there is a problem with the product purchased, the store can solve it in a timely manner, which is more convenient and also gives consumers a sense of trust.

In general, Winnie intends to add a number of offline flagship stores with buttons to store a number of popular and well-received designer brands in offline stores, help them further promote the brand, and help a certain number of customers through offline channels The original designer brand solves the increase in customer traffic and customer repurchase retention; and creates the aggregation effect of original designers.

Enlightenment of buttons and good things to luxury e-commerce: flexible operation and return to products

Enlightenment one: Luxury e-commerce must have a flexible operating model. Practice has proved that the "small and beautiful" operating model of buttoned goods is very successful. The success of the button good thing really benefits from this operating model and the various data statistics methods that have emerged under this operating model. The two make the planning, photography, marketing, customer service, logistics and other related businesses coordinate with each other, thereby improving operational efficiency. The entire process of dataization and refined operation management has solved the most troublesome inventory problem of luxury e-commerce companies. These conditions enable the company to achieve high revenue. Therefore, the flexible operation model is of great significance to clothing e-commerce.

Enlightenment two, return to the product itself and keep up with consumer trends. In fact, no matter what industry, if you want to become bigger and stronger, you still have to go back to the product itself. In this regard, there are many bright spots for button goodies. First of all, good buttons always adhere to the position of original designers. Secondly, on the premise of insisting on tonality, we will continue to follow the trend and add more skus that meet the public taste. For example, the popular Manuka honey in Australia some time ago, the button goodies also sold the Manuka honey mask on the platform through this hot spot. Therefore, keeping up with the trend of the times and meeting the requirements of consumers is also what the designer brand e-commerce platform should explore.

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