Hubei textile and clothing sampling rate 87%

Hubei textile and clothing sampling rate 87% On November 13, Hubei Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau notified the state of textile and garment quality in the province. The pass rate of spot checks from 2011 to the first half of 2012 increased by about 20% compared with 2010.

The Hubei Provincial Bureau of Fibre Inspection conducted a total of 186 production and sales companies and 260 batches of products. After inspection, the qualification rate was 87.3%.

Among the unqualified products, those that failed to meet safety standards showed a downward trend compared with previous years, mainly because of unqualified safety indicators such as formaldehyde content, color fastness, and PH value. The fact that the content of fiber components is inconsistent with the standard has also shown a downward trend. It is mainly based on false positives. For example, the wool content is nominally 65% ​​and the test result is 9.3%. During the sampling inspection, the products with unqualified sewing quality turned several times larger than in previous years, mainly manifested in the unqualified quilted seams behind the pants and unacceptable wear resistance. In addition, incomplete or irregular marks are prominent in some supermarkets.

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