Check out the latest wedding jewelry accessories trends in 2013

No matter what age or age, people will catch up with the trend to match clothes or jewelry, and the bride is no exception. Don't think that jewelry accessories are always the green leaves of wedding dresses, but they are not the protagonists. Let us now look at the jewelry accessories that will be popular in spring and summer 2013!

Fresh romantic floral silhouette against the popular wedding dress

Two types of wedding dresses that are more popular this year: one is simpler in design but very important in material; the other is a corset design that is more sexy and medieval. Two kinds of wedding dresses with different elements and colors can also be selected as the matching jewellery. For example, the floral shape gives people a fresh and romantic feeling. On Valentine's Day, flowers and chocolates are a must-have gift, but flowers can only be withered for a few days. Therefore, in this year's double festival, the flower jewellery that can be decorated forever will be very popular, even if it is worn every day, it will not fade. In the more sexy medieval/classical corset wedding dress with rose, chrysanthemum, small yellow flowers and other design jewelry, it highlights the overall classical color.

a gift of love that glows with happiness

In addition to floral jewelry, the star pattern is also very representative. The stars in the sky are out of reach, and the distance has created our fantasy. In ancient times, there were many romantic love stories about the stars: The Cowherd and the Weavers cited the spirit of love, so you can find a shining star jewellery for Valentine's Day or a wedding gift, so that the jewelry itself holds each other. The unswerving promise represents the two parties’ long-lasting love for the other half. When the ladies receive it, they will be greatly moved by the idea that they can take off the stars in the sky and send them to them. All of them are fascinated by the simple wedding dress.

Gold setting

Since ancient times, gold ornaments have played an important role in festive and wedding occasions, and they have a close relationship with tradition. As for gold or my favorite red gold, it is very popular now, and it can add a happy and auspicious feeling. However, because the oriental women's skin is yellowish, if the golden color is worn on the upper body, the skin color may appear yellower. Therefore, I will choose pure white and gold as the main theme of design, because platinum can reduce the glare of gold, which can make the design more layered and bright, while symbolizing wealth and love than Jin Jian. In the Lunar New Year or the wedding festival, many ladies like to wear red clothes, or traditional small phoenix dresses or cheongsams. If they are paired with gold or red gold jewelry, the effect will be more harmonious. The best choice for the bride to be dazzling and refined.

In fact, it is not too important to give a gift. The most important thing for a woman is to feel the sincerity behind them while accepting the men's gifts. You remember to grasp the extraordinary day of 2013, because you missed it, and you have to wait until 2048.

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