Columbia elegant grace inadvertently expressed a kind of understanding of life


Italian women's fashion brand : Columbia clothing

It is safe to say that Columbia was born for "her"

One of the most common styles of large T-shirts for women of all ages wear out walking, a husband's shirt for all ages to interpret the sexy wife. Before the age of 28, childish did not retreat, dare to go to Xidan to buy clothes, 28 years of age, the passion is no longer, the mall to remove the candy color and V back reveal the other casual pick. But buying clothes is not easy for a 28-45 year old woman known as a royal sister, a milf or a milch.

This is a woman's golden age, the vast majority of successful career, stable income, consumer rational; childish retreat, mature enough, half-sugar doctrine, brow brow rippling charming, gestures cast swaying between the style, their pursuit Elegant quality, exquisite life, their dress tastes taste and fashion. Most of them want to be through a dynamic medium such as clothing to talk to the outside world their own inner world.

Columbia clothing is such a dynamic choice of media, the author recently visited the Colombian clothing headquarters in Hangzhou, China.

"Our cultural and creative origins in the romantic capital of Italy," said Zheng Juqiu, general manager of GeBang apparel. "Our brand style is positioned as" quality, taste, sophistication and fashion. "GeBang apparel pursues its independence and elegance, , Fashion and perfect quality of the modern urban style, with introverted and peaceful design to express the dedication of the personality, was given the Eastern unique elegance of cultural connotation of the subtle reveal the woman's sexy, luxurious and not complicated, forming a unique woman Introverted and gentle.The elegant state of Columbia, inadvertently expressed a life of understanding: implicit rather than assertive, simple but contains elegant; with unique adherence.Consumer groups locked in the mature women between the ages of 28-45 ". Zheng even told reporters full of confidence: "It can be bold to say: Columbia is" for her "born.

哥邦女装的优雅  在不经意间表达着一种对生活的理解

Italian women's fashion brand: Columbia clothing

Do the most competitive women's business

A light-Mature, a delicate makeup of the Mature woman, an eyewitness properly handle the Royal Sister, their clothing needs will inevitably only the same taste of people can best understand.

The leading designer team members of the Italian brand Gobang Costumes all have an extraordinary history. They have worked in well-known clothing professional organizations and they understand the inner needs of women aged 28-45. At the same time, the company appointed them to participate in the Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and well-known domestic fashion conference, they can understand the latest fashion trends, combining elements of China's domestic market fashion to create their own products.

It is said that even in the Milan Fashion Week, Milan fashion designers will be chased by photographers on the sidelines, just wearing a pair of Dries Van Noten embroidery beading style blue cloth shoes, and Columbia's own lake blue silk broken Floral Siamese dress only, plain white quiet oriental face, in that group wearing a demonized crowd, we can create a powerful Oriental aura, as well as different temperament.

After years of development, Gobang apparel has become the most competitive women's business in the domestic women's apparel industry. Mr. Li, vice president of Costume Costumes Market, introduced to the author that at present, Brother Clothing owns more than 200 sales outlets all over the country and has more than 100 stores with more than 100㎡ in the whole country. With the first pair of sales network science Management, Columbia is more than 50% annual performance of rapid growth.

哥邦女装的优雅  在不经意间表达着一种对生活的理解

Hangzhou women's brand: Columbia clothing store

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