How can 6 kinds of insomniacs get a good night's sleep?

Sleep disorders are a global problem, and many people suffer from insomnia, snoring, and early awakening to varying degrees. The following are the six most common sleep problems, so that experts can give specific solutions.

The pressure night wake-up type can fall asleep normally at night, but wakes up after 3 to 4 hours and is very awake.

Experts suggest that such situations are mostly phased, and most of them are related to some kind of stressful life changes that have occurred recently, such as emotional breakdown. Find the cause, correct the medicine, insomnia will gradually improve. Specifically include:

1. Look at the psychiatrist, do psychological counseling, and help you identify the stumbling blocks that hinder sleep, such as the troubles that you remember when you lie down on the bed.

2. Acupuncture helps to reduce anxiety and induce deep sleep.

3. Do not drink alcohol. Drinking does help to fall asleep, but it interferes more with sleep quality.

4. Accept the "night wake up". Night waking is a normal phenomenon, not a big disaster, no need to worry.

5. Move the alarm clock away from the bed and stare at the alarm clock late at night.

Wake up early in the morning and go to bed to sleep, but early in the morning will habitually wake up, wake up can not fall back to sleep, lying in bed, the brain quickly thinking about the problem, and finally give up sleep.

Expert advice:

1. Such insomniacs should set a fixed time to get up and stick to it for a week. For example, if you want to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning, you should sleep at 10 o'clock in the evening. After that, the sleep time is gradually adjusted, and the wake-up time is gradually delayed, thereby achieving the effect of adjusting the biological clock.

2. In order to reduce the "early wake up" anxiety, do not lie in bed when you wake up, it is best to get up and relax, such as drinking a glass of juice or milk. The more I lie in bed, "try to sleep," the more I am awake.

Night owls are usually more excited at night, watching TV, reading books, surfing the Internet, doing housework, and staying until two or three in the morning to sleep. In the morning, because I have to go to work, I have to get up normally, but I feel dizzy when I get up.

Expert advice:

1. Be sure to slow down your life before going to bed, and try to use the daytime to handle tricky work.

2. The evening light is too strong, which is equivalent to the intake of caffeine, so the light should be dimmed 2 hours before bedtime.

Chronic insomnia type takes 1 hour or more to fall asleep; wakes up many times during sleep, and wakes up for a few minutes to an hour each time; often talking in a sleep.

Expert advice:

1. Improve night life habits and sleep environment. The ideal sleeping environment includes: appropriately lowering the room temperature; the light is slightly dark; playing music with rain, waves or rustling leaves to cover up the annoying noise in the environment; not watching TV in bed.

2. Seek medical attention in time to diagnose the cause of insomnia.

3. Practice yoga during the day and exercise properly.

Excessive excitement In order to finish work overtime until midnight or two or three in the morning, when I want to go back to sleep, I find that I can't sleep because of excessive excitement.

Expert advice:

1. Taking a nap during the day helps balance sleep time, but the time should not be too long.

2. Even if you work late, you should set a fixed sleep time.

3. Relax before going to bed, such as taking a warm bath for half an hour before going to bed, reading a newspaper, and turning down the brightness of the light.

Hormone-induced insomnia is mostly for menopausal women. It is difficult to fall asleep, often wake up, wake up and turn to the opposite side, and get up after getting up.

Expert advice:

1. After menopause, changes in hormones may affect sleep. If hot flashes are severe, it is best to keep the bedroom at a lower temperature.

2. Take care of sleeping over-the-counter drugs. These drugs contain antihistamines that stay in the body for a long time, which can cause drowsiness and last about 18 hours.

3. Take 0.3 mg of over-the-counter melatonin 20 minutes before bedtime.

4. Accept the medical examination. Severe sleep problems such as sleep apnea may occur before and after menopause.

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