Snowy coup, front glass, newspaper, easy to remove snow

[China Glass Net] How to remove snow from the window?

The vehicles parked outside these two days, the whole body was covered with ice and snow, and the hail above could not be lost. How can we prevent the car from being covered by ice and snow in rainy weather? On January 3 and 4, for two consecutive days, according to the clues provided by the readers, the reporter did an experiment and proved that the effect was good afterwards:

On January 3rd, I chose a large-format newspaper, almost the width of the two is almost the same as the width of the windshield. A thin one, so the two newspapers are stacked together and then pressed with a wiper. Going out at noon the next day, the newspaper was buried in the snow, but it was lightly glimpsed from the side, and even the newspaper was covered with snow, and it was all clean.

The only regret is that the wiper is exposed, and the snow is more serious.

So on the evening of January 4th, I put two newspapers under the wiper and then laid two on the wiper. There was a bit of wind that night, and I was afraid that the newspaper would be blown away. I squeezed two pieces of snow from the side and pressed it on the newspaper.

Going out yesterday morning, the newspaper was smashed, the wiper and windshield were clear and refreshing, and the car was a little hot to set off.

After my own experiments, I found that the method of padding newspapers works well and is very convenient. If you want to buy a rain cover or a car, what to do, after shaking it, you have to shake it to remove what to wash, trouble. Also anti-theft - there are already readers and we said that her plastic sheet was taken care of. Newspapers, just throw them away after use, of course, remember not to throw them on the roadside.

Out of the garage uphill and slippery

The troubles of Ms. Ma, a citizen of Hangzhou: I can’t go out today, I can’t go to work. I live in Cuigu, Wuchangjingshan. If I go to work at 8:00, I will go out one hour earlier. Usually, I can go to the unit on Lingyin Road for forty minutes. I am going to drive out at 7 o'clock today, and I can't even get to the underground parking garage. I have tossed for more than 40 minutes. Later, someone else helped me push the car up...

In recent years, the listed real estate, the underground garage has basically become a standard, and the community ground parking space is getting less and less, so the troubles like Ms. Ma have encountered many drivers in these two days.

On January 4th, the netizen "lcavista" also posted in a car friend forum "Hangzhou snowing, out of the garage uphill and slipping": in the morning, parking up the truck, brushing the throttle and sliding on the throttle, ESP flashed for a long time before struggling . Ask: There is snow at the exit of the garage, and there is a speed bump to go over. How should this front-wheel wet and dry front drive be?

Also on January 4th, the netizen "Wandering Wind" also talked about "the tragedy of parking in the underground garage" in a forum in Xiaoshan: ... just opened to the underground garage halfway uphill, the car did not go up, had to hang Reverse gear and return to the bottom. With full horsepower, I rushed to the place where there was still two meters, and I couldn’t go up. I went back and forth five times, no mood, stopped at the garage, took the bus to work...

Ice and snow uphill: second gear starts

Out of the underground garage, the slopes are snowy and slippery, what should the driver do to prevent the slippery from opening smoothly?

The palace technician of Hangzhou Traffic 918 Automobile Experts Group said that the snow and ice are uphill, remember the light throttle, the brakes and the second gear!

Before getting out of the car, make sure the window has a good view. In the winter, even if you stop in the underground garage, the window glass may be frosted and frozen. At this time, the owner should first start the vehicle to warm up, then use the supermarket card, membership card, etc., to scrape the frost and ice on the window. It usually takes three to five minutes to scrape.

At this time, the water temperature of the vehicle is almost normal, and the warm air can be turned to fog.

In winter, there will be snow and ice on the ramps of the underground garage, which will reduce the friction of the wheels and make it easy to slip.

Therefore, at the start, the starting gear of the vehicle should be changed. Manual transmission models should be hung up to the 2nd gear; automatic transmission models should be hung up to the manual manual mode and then hung up to the 2nd gear; vehicles with snow mode can start directly in the snow mode, and the second gear The starting effect is the same!

Gong Gongshi said that compared to the first gear, the second gear starts with less torque, which can make the tires have more time to grasp the ground and not easy to slip.

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