"Rembrandt" black diamond

In 1928, Fleck. Vulture was born in the family of diamond polishers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all diamond polishers, but he was not satisfied with the inheritance school, went to the Amsterdam Diamond School to seriously study, and worked in a diamond processing factory in 1949. Who knows that the fate is not good, first to join the army as a soldier, then unemployed, after a long period of wandering life, before the post office to find a forked mail errand, and later got promoted, became a mail escort.

However, what filled his heart was not the mail, but the sparkling diamond. It is so interesting and delightful to work on a gleaming original stone wrapped in a sturdy shell that has been smashed into dozens or even hundreds of facets. He finally left his hometown on October 23, 1958, went to Antwerp to go to one of his classmates, and re-run the practice of polishing diamonds. Soon after, he gradually earned a few dollars and simply opened a diamond processing factory and hired twenty workers, hoping to do something. Unfortunately, Fuxing did not arrive, the business was sluggish, and at the end of 1960, he had to endure the pain and closed his job. He applied for a company to be the foreman of the polishing division. In the twinkling of an eye, he has been working in this company for more than 20 years. Living to the age of 50, there is no need to worry about life.

One night, Vulture was about to go to bed, and a diamond industry peer visited. This person does not even talk about the words "disturbing", and puts a small piece of black cockroaches from the pocket on the table. "You see what this is! I just bought it and weighed a hundred and twenty-five carats. I think there may be a dazzling diamond in the black stone."

The visitor said frankly that he did not buy much of this diamond flower because the seller thought it could only be used to grind diamond powder. He also proposed: "If you agree, I will go out of the way, you are responsible for polishing, and will divide the profits in the future."

After looking at the dark things repeatedly, Vulture replied: "That's it, let's work together."

Vullys did not expect that the hardening of this stone would be so difficult. In order to examine the internal condition of the gemstone, it is necessary to open the sunroof, that is to say, to grind a small plane on its surface. In general, this kind of work time is enough for one day, but this time it took him a whole week. However, when he carefully observed the internal structure of the diamond from the skylight, he was completely desperate. Because no matter how you can't see the unique flash of diamonds, the light entering the inside is completely absorbed as if it fell into the mysterious bottomless abyss.

The friend who bought the diamond also lost interest in it, convinced that it was worth only $250. He said to Vullus: "If you want to sell it to you, I don't want much. I hope you can make this baby a valuable thing." Vulture became the "black devil." The owner.

A typical diamond is a single pure carbon crystal that is better polished. But this monster from Zaire is made up of many small crystals. It is hard, brittle and difficult. If you are not careful, it will cause irreparable damage and even destroy the whole gem. Off, Vatican repeatedly pondered and carefully polished it, and it took three months to polish the largest plane at the bottom. After another year, he finally turned this "black devil" into a dazzling "black beauty" with fifty-seven planes.

Unexpectedly, his black beauty is not appreciated. Please ask the broker to sell and find the right buyer. In addition to disappointing, he had to deposit it in a bank safe, waiting for the opportunity.

This is five years. In January 1986, he accidentally saw an acquaintance on the street. The man said, "One person is interested in your black beauty. He specializes in collecting colored diamonds."

The collector of this colored diamond is the famous rich man Bab. Hendrickson. This person is a diamond master, and it is clear at a glance. It is also good at business. If you are young, you will be tempted by the hard work of honing diamonds. You will roam the world and explore the treasures. When he saw the black beauty of Vullus, he was immediately amazed: he had seen a lot of black diamonds, but it was the first time to appreciate the huge diamonds of 42.27 carats. This is the world's first big black diamond! The most perfect black diamond!

At the time of the transaction, both of them shed tears: Hendrickson was amazed; Vullus's mood was more complicated: he was happy because his masterpiece was finally appreciated, and he was saddened by the fact that he had to turn to others.

After winning the world's largest black diamond, Hendrickson officially named it "Rembrandt" to commemorate the famous Dutch painter.

On June 2, 1986, Hendrickson hosted the first exhibition of "Rembrandt" in his jewelry store, officially introducing it to the press and gem lovers. The black diamonds are particularly graceful and elegant under the white velvet, shining mysterious and deep radiance. It is covered by bulletproof glass and is equipped with electronic alarms around it, especially since the owner bought millions of dollars in insurance, which has led people to speculate on its commercial value. It is known that the American "Stix River" and the Dutch "Amsterdam", which once claimed to be the crown of the world's black diamonds, are only 28.5 and 33.74 carats respectively, but they are worth millions of dollars. What is the true number of black diamonds weighing 42.227 carats? Hendrickson laughed and didn't answer: his new collection is a real priceless treasure!

Someone also asked Vullus how much he had to sell black beauty, and Vulture did not answer positively. He just said: "I am very satisfied with the rewards I received. My hard work and hard work have finally brought fruitful results."

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