Margaret still spring and summer 2013 new listing of the ultimate interpretation of the black and white world

Edge is still fashionable women's spring and summer 2013 new products listed! In the spring and summer of 2013, the fashions of black and white are the most vivid and the most contrasting colors in the Yuan-Shang Children's Womenswear. It integrates the elements of lace and printing to create an elegant and simple new fashion woman!


Not only strong large areas of color, or bright color fight color to stimulate people's visual nerve, minimalistic black and white colors, into the mysterious lace elements, ups and skirts lotus leaf edge, showing sweet temperament.

缘尚儿2013年春夏新品上市 演绎极致的黑白世界

Mysterious and sexy lace is the best endorsement of femininity in the summer, stitching white chiffon hem, little bits and pieces of small printing is to show fresh and refined moving qualities.

缘尚儿2013年春夏新品上市 演绎极致的黑白世界

Sweet white lace should be the ladies' favorite, MIX leopard print is to add more sweet to the wild, in the cool summer, I believe you will be the most touching actress.


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