Perceive the future with technology, Hongxing Erke Xingyao Shanghai Fashion Week

Recently, 2020 Shanghai Fashion Week, the world's first pure online fashion week, has bucked the trend. In a Hollywood-level fantasy show with a futuristic sense of sci-fi, Hongxing Erke brought new black products to the forefront and made a collective appearance under the theme of "Exploring the Unknown", bringing a top audio-visual feast to the public.

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Lead the show in the future, AR technology blesses cloud fashion week

Space, galaxy, galaxy, battleships and other multi-elements converge, 360-degree all-around scenes are presented, 2020 Shanghai Fashion Week advances from offline shows into rich and diverse new products on the cloud created by real models and super science fiction AR reality rendering technology The great reward inspires people's exploration and desire for the future world and alien space, and brings audiences a immersive experience in a wonderland.

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At Fashion Week, Hongxing Erke, a leading domestic sports brand, brought a new member of the Qidan family to the audience with a new product release called "TO INFINITY & BEYOND". The product's unique design style inspired by interstellar and battleship elements shows the young people's desire for the unknown universe of the vast universe, empowers young people to break the boundaries, explore the unknown, and dare to pursue the spirit of unremitting exploration, and once again lead the new trend of modern fashion movement in spring and summer .

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New member of the Elkki family debuts at C, making a strong start

The new products of the Qidan series on board this Shanghai Fashion Week were exposed for the first time in the world.The four star products on the cloud continued the superior foot feel of the Qidan outsole, and the multiple evolutionary extensions strengthened the sense of function and trend on the basis of sports attributes. The sense of touch, the integration of sports concepts and technology into products, and the integration of science fiction elements in the space universe, define the new generation of sports more cool, more relaxed, and then trigger young people to love and enjoy the sport itself, highlighting Hongxing Erke's desire Nuclear science fiction youth determination.

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At the same time, along with the four new products of Qidan, there are also 15 new Look, metallic and 3M reflective materials, with both functionality and fashion.The designer made bold interpretations on the theme of `` exploring the unknown ''. The avant-garde design is bold and versatile; the letter elements are printed on various items such as T-shirts, shirts, handbags, etc., with a strong personality and a trendy attitude; the mix of handbags and chest bags is full of street feeling, young and A sense of vitality hit the face, with a futuristic and modern new fashion.

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· The endless exploration of domestic products brave tide

In the past two decades, Hongxing Erke has relied on scientific and technological accumulation in the sports field and a keen sense of trends to create domestic black technology Erkeqi bomb series products, using α-FLEX intelligent rebound materials, using the principle of intelligent cushioning to create and With soft and elastic cushioning midsole, it can achieve comfortable and comfortable foot feel, and open up its own brand upgrade path.

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Since the launch of the Qidan series products in August 2019, the first running shoes were sold out in ten seconds on the day of sale, and they had a good performance of 40,000 pairs during the 11.11. Many celebrities like Idou have punched in and punched out strange heights. During this time's expedition to Shanghai Fashion Week, Erkeqi ignited the highlights and "crowned" again, so that the world can see different domestic products and feel the "star" height of Hongxing Erke.

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