What is "return"?

The return is the process of the manufacturer (or the first-level wholesaler) putting the new product to the terminal (or the second-level wholesaler) and the terminal (or the second batch) after the goods are sold out and re-stocking. The return of goods is the beginning of a virtuous circle of market development or new product promotion. If the return of goods fails, the second round of distribution is extremely difficult.

Many people believe that "sales is the last word." In fact, sales without returning goods are terrible. Because there is no return after the goods are distributed, the so-called "sales" is nothing more than the display items on the shelves and the warehouse goods in the warehouse. If you do not sell the "display items" and "press goods", the terminal (or two) Batch) will not be restocked. In the promotion of new products, many manufacturers often declare success prematurely, that is, mistakenly use channel inventory as sales.

What is the sign of the success of new product promotion? Return. When the terminal (or the second batch) realizes the return of more than three rounds, it can be considered that the new product has been accepted by the channel, and the terminal (or the second batch) has established the confidence to sell the new product. The new product has already stood still in the channel or the terminal, and the new product sales have entered. The fast lane, the rest of the work is just to do sales.

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