2013 romantic season customer service department staff training record

Into 2013, the company entered a steady period of development, the focus shifted gradually from investment to customer service, customer service is directly related to the quality of the company's brand image and the company's economic benefits, good customer service is to ensure that the company steadily forward The key to development The following is the main content of customer service training:

Customer service, to understand is to meet customer needs, customer care about the idea, rather than care about their products, care about their marketing practices. So in terms of work: she has this need, and you can meet her needs. But the concrete implementation is a concrete, meticulous and continuous work. Therefore, in practice it is inevitable to encounter some problems, which requires all our employees in their daily work to pay attention to their own words and deeds, regulate language and attitude.

First, be patient.

Every customer, when they really generate purchasing motivation, will carefully study the product's benefits to her, or even find fault. Because this will be what she wants to sell, of course, she still has a layer of meaning to prevent being fooled. If customers are too attentive to make customer service impatient, they should try hard to control their emotions, explain the characteristics of products and the benefits to her local sales in more detail with customers, give full play to their own eloquence and make use of their professional knowledge, The things you buy are good value for money and easy to sell. The brands your company runs are trustworthy. Because customer service patience, customers will feel that the store's products withstand scrutiny, but also for the customer service and touched. Although not immediately replenishment, but also will be customer service in my heart, the next will find the customer service for her service.

Second, to be used to empathy.

When helping customers choose lingerie , be sure to analyze her situation, understand their local markets and see if the product she's buying really meets the needs of her local market and meets her needs. If the customer does not have a certain need, do not force her purchase, should try to help customers clear demand, and then take the attitude of listening to respect. If it is forced the transaction, even if the goods sold out, it is only moving the library, but also provoke the trouble of return, even more frightening is the loss of a customer's trust, but also further lost her reputation and she may introduce Potential consumer groups.

Third, do not criticize the customer's clothing and accessories.

Something the customer uses is to make her very satisfied, but some customer service personnel, in order to show their knowledge or the advantages of the goods, did not hesitate to over-criticize the products of other businesses, to know that standing down is never to lift themselves up , Not to mention also inadvertently attack the customer's aesthetic, hurt her self-esteem. Because you can not tell if she has used what you are talking about.

Ruan Jihong romantic season hint: service will not be stored, we need long-term continuous efforts! In other words, if the customer is served ten times, the first nine times are very satisfied and the last time the customer is not satisfied, the customer will only evaluate your service with the last service experience, which is common in our terminal stores and just started Consumer shopping guide is very enthusiastic, to the customer left a good impression, if the day the customer did not buy, that shopping service may be compared to before there will be some neglect, but then let the customer a good impression on the store a discount to you Marked with poor service attitude of the label, so we often say that ninety-nine plus one equal to zero! Service will not be stored, it is impossible to once and for all, the customer evaluation of us must be the moment of this service, so we can not neglect every customer every reception, only the hard-hearted people can be a real service expert !

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