The 2020 China Fashion Design Contest "Excellent Designers in Shengze" is launched!

As the impact of the global epidemic on the domestic textile industry economy has become increasingly prominent, the industrial supply and demand connection has become an urgent need for the majority of textile companies to expand the domestic demand market and stabilize subsequent production capacity. On April 28, the 2020 China Fashion Design Competition "Excellent Designers in Shengze" was held in Shengze, Jiangsu.

The excellent designers who entered the finals of this competition came from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhengzhou and other places. They held a special match in Shengze Oriental Textile City in the morning, and entered Suzhou Blue Textile Technology Co., Ltd. in the afternoon. The company, Lixin Group and Shengze Settlement Fashion Industry Service Platform carried out on-site docking and exchanges. A total of 21 Shengze Textile Enterprises participated in this event.

This matchmaking is the first offline event since the launch of the 2020 China Fashion Design Competition. With the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, the contest gradually shifted from the "cloud collection" and "cloud initial evaluation" to the normal stage of landing. The event was guided by the China National Textile and Apparel Council, jointly sponsored by the China Textile Information Center, the National Textile Product Development Center and the People ’s Government of Shengze Town, with the support of the China Fashion Designers Association and the special support of the China Eastern Silk Market Management Committee.

From good products to good markets

At this matchmaking meeting, the organizers of the 2020 China Fashion Design Contest conveyed the purpose of this matchmaking meeting, hoping that the outstanding designers who entered the finals of this contest could work together with Shengze Fabric Enterprises to design garments according to the theme of the event trend. At the award ceremony of the 2020 China Fashion Design Contest held on the 16th, a wonderful dynamic show was presented. Ouyang Yong, Manager of the Development Department of Shengze Oriental Textile City, gave a detailed explanation of the advantages of Dongfang City, the product categories and characteristics of the merchants. In addition, Shengze Fabric Enterprises, which participated in this matchmaking meeting, gave a brief introduction on its own product features and cooperation needs.

Suzhou Lihe Textile Co., Ltd., Suzhou Husheng Textile Co., Ltd., Wujiang Ruicai Textile Co., Ltd., Suzhou Huayi Silk Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Huayi Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Wujiang Hantong Textile Co., Ltd., Suzhou Mixing Textile Technology 21 Shengze outstanding textile enterprises such as Co., Ltd., Suzhou Chenbo Textile Technology Co., Ltd. brought more than 2,000 high-quality products. The raw materials include cotton, hemp, silk, tencel, viscose, chemical fiber, etc. The categories include dyed fabrics and printing Fabrics, Oxford fabrics, artificial silk fabrics, four-sided stretch fabrics, functional fabrics, sun protection clothing fabrics, luggage fabrics, lining fabrics, etc., with rich colors and complete processes.

The designers put forward specific and detailed directions of fabric categories according to their own brand needs, and Shengze Fabrics Company organized the products according to the designer's needs. At the same time, the designer also fully communicated and communicated with the company on the future purchase of the brand and the fabric category, color, craftsmanship and function. For this event, the company stated that during the second half of the epidemic period, fabric matching will be an effective way for textile companies to expand domestic sales and expand production capacity. The precise connection between supply and demand will not only greatly reduce the company's marketing costs, but also from Brand and designer feedback can obtain market demand in time to customize R & D and optimize development process.

Shengze Boundary Fashion Industry Service Platform

In the afternoon on-site visit to the enterprise, the designer also gained a lot. On Shengze's fashion industry service platform, the designer learned that demarcation is the key fashion industry project introduced by Shengze in 2019. It has two main functions-the fashion industry service platform and the fashion designer incubator. In the future, Boundary Development will gather innovative forces and attract design talents through the combination of the industry ’s superior resources and high-quality platforms, and promote the linkage between the upstream and downstream of the “textile-design-apparel” industry chain, and use the Internet and other operational methods to form “industry services "Science and Technology Internet + Space Carrier" new creative design integrated service system.

In addition, the designer also visited Suzhou Blue Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Lixin Group. The jacquard series products produced by Suzhou Blue Textile Technology Co., Ltd., the new women's spring and summer products of Lixin Group and outdoor sports fabrics have unique characteristics in color, pattern and technology, and are favored by designers.

From good fabric to good design

In terms of fabric selection, excellent designers are mainly based on comprehensive consideration of factors such as the theme of the event, fashion trends, brand positioning, and consumer demand.

Bao Weiwu and Ren Xiaoliang, designers of the "Tianwei" brand, said that the brand advocates leisure and slow life. The fabric is mainly cotton and linen. The design style of the brand this year is reflected in environmentally friendly dyeing. For this reason, it is more comfortable and healthy. Eco-friendly fabric. Ma Liang, the designer of the original brand cocoon, came to Shengze for the second time, mainly looking for cotton, linen and velvet fabrics with strong texture. He expressed that he likes every process from inspiration to ready-to-wear, hoping that the joy of his own design and creation can be transmitted to others through the work and resonate.

Wang Yu from the Chengdu Chao brand Miichous design studio said that the design studio has been established for three years. As a post-90s designer, his design style is more younger, and he hopes to bring everyone new ideas through his own design language. Street fashion touch. In the choice of fabrics, he is more inclined to be practical, and he believes that practical wear sexist fashion is closer to life than traditional fashion. Speaking of this event, Li Hongxian, a designer of Hosean lee women's clothing brand from Guangdong, said that after this visit, the fabric supplier organized by the organizing committee can basically meet his fabric needs. The upstream technology and the latest materials of such activities have benefited both apparel brands and Chinese high-quality fabric suppliers.

Shengze Dongfang City has always adhered to "originality, leading the fashion", bringing together more than 700 high-quality brand fabric merchants. For fashion designers, this is undoubtedly a paradise for fabric procurement. According to the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee of the competition, after the matchmaking meeting, 10 outstanding designers will use these fabrics to carefully and creatively produce, and finally participate in the finals with ready-made works.

On June 16, the designer's ready-to-wear works will perform the final show and compete for gold at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Shengze Fashion Week and the 7th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo Cloud Exhibition, the second China Fashion Design Competition award ceremony 6 silver and bronze awards. When the original high-quality characteristic fabric collides with the fashion design concept, what kind of gorgeous spark will be created? let us wait and see!

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