Jia Lisi fashion women's unique beauty to create a luxurious life

Jia Lisi fashion women to break the routine, personal tailoring, bright colors, superb structure and handling, arbitrary sway, free and unobtrusive design all the time to emphasize the stimulus, the pursuit of sexy experience, wearers according to their own hospital Domination , CGREC from the source to find the vitality of fashion to start, those exquisite puppet-like cute women from the shackles of clothing completely freed, to give them their original agility and vitality, into the strong Chinese visual culture, creating an unprecedented Respect the nature of the wearer, giving the wearer the greatest freedom of fashion style.


Colorful dress, like a beautiful landscape, mesmerizing, the use of personal tailoring, bright colors, in the delicate expression, revealing a trace of enchanting, the wearer revealed in the urban life Deep calm.

佳莉丝时尚女装 独特的美感创造华贵人生

This summer has become the trend of pure color system, pure color system not only look comfortable and refreshing, but also gives a pleasant mood, fluorescent green in the summer is also very dazzling a color, many people only know that fluorescent green is a very dazzling color, but It is also a sunscreen color oh. Fluorescent green this summer so that you dazzling make you charming.

Triathlon Wetsuits is the wetsuit for swimming actually. Triathlon sports are divided into natural water swimming, road cycling, road running. The triathlon wetsuits is designed for swimming specially. Depending on the water environment and water temperature, you can choose the different styles and thicknesses for the wetsuit. The options are sleeveless long john, sleeveless short john, long sleeve and shory leg, full suits back zip and so on. About the thickness, you can chooose for 1.5mm, 3/2mm, 5/3/2/1.5mm and so on. The comfort and flexibility of the Triathlon Wetsuit is the most basic requirements.

Triathlon Wetsuits

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