New ideas for white-collar gifts in September

[China Gift Network News] Teacher's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, September is definitely a busy and happy "group festival." The traditional customs of the Chinese must be a ceremonial exchange during the festival. On this “blessing of the bones”, what kind of gifts can be expressed can not only express “mind” but also highlight individual “new ideas” becomes a difficult problem. What kind of gifts do you like to give or receive now, and what new gifts and gifting methods have emerged in the near future?
Holiday foods should be "eaten"
It is understood that the number of gifts for the mooncakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival in the past two years is much smaller than in previous years, because the public also learned that the value of the mooncakes actually consumed is very low, and even has begun to waste resources. Therefore, in the holiday season, a symbolic gift is not meaningful, it is better to choose a suitable and more valuable product for friends.
Since holiday foods are essential for festivals, foods with health-care functions such as red wine and dried fruits; products with local characteristics, such as Xinjiang jujube and hairy crabs, have become very good choices. What's more, most families spend the holidays together, and the healthy and nutritious food will be very popular.
Gifts must be "right"
What kind of gifts do urban white-collar elites, literary youths, and fashionistas like?
White-collar elites love products that are easy to carry, high in quality and functional. IT products have the highest rate of mutual gifts in this group, followed by fitness cards, skin care products, nutritional products, etc.; literary youths love hot books, movies and concert tickets and everything related to culture and art. Recently, the ultra-popular interchangeable lens "card machine", e-book or two movie tickets in digital cameras is definitely their big love; what about fashion people? Of course, it’s all the spurs of the trend! Limited-edition bags, personalized T-shirts, and exaggerated sunglasses are all gifts that can make people's HIGH.

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