Wear "good" pajamas and get a good night's sleep

Wear "good" pajamas and get a good night's sleep

People all know that drinking a glass of milk before going to bed can help to sleep, but everyone knows that pajamas can also affect people's sleep quality.

Pajamas with elastic waists affect the quality of sleep. This kind of pajamas can easily make a red mark on the waist, affecting the body's blood circulation, making the legs puffy and even numb. In the purchase of pajamas, you can choose to tie the waist, especially the waist and abdomen are more obese people, but also to ensure that the waist loose. While sleeping, tie the waistband slightly loose to allow the waist to rotate freely.

Pajamas will affect the quality of sleep. This kind of pajamas can affect the action of turning over during sleep. For example, the clothes horns are pressed under the body, or the clothes are moved up and all piled on the chest. This not only affects the breathing and bone health, but also may cause you to catch a cold. The best choice for split-type pajamas is comfortable and easy to move.

The tight pajamas can affect the quality of sleep The tight-fitting pajamas look stylish and sexy and are popular with young women. However, such pajamas will be close to the body, not conducive to skin sweating and body temperature regulation, but also affect the blood circulation, people make nightmares and so on. Therefore, choose pajamas that are easy to wear and loose.

Hooded pajamas can affect the quality of sleep when sleeping, the hat will be under pressure in the body "hold up" the neck, causing soreness, stiff neck and other discomfort, affecting the quality of sleep. In addition, compression of the neck can also lead to poor blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and lightening of sleep. The collar of the pajamas should be loose enough. Try to choose a flat round neck or "U" collar.

Synthetic fabric pajamas can affect the quality of sleep. Chemical fiber and wool fabrics are prone to static electricity, and direct contact with the skin can cause irritation to the skin, resulting in decreased immunity and neurological disorders. At the same time, they do not absorb sweat and are not conducive to body temperature regulation during sleep. The best choice is cotton pajamas, which are soft, breathable, and hygroscopic and can well absorb sweat on the skin. Cotton fabrics are less irritating to the skin and do not cause allergies and itching.

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