Wonderful beauty - with the 63rd Miss World Guangdong Division Finals counterparts

万泽丰 - WONDERFUL beauty

Shantou No. 16 player Cai Shuang won the championship

The schedule is divided into three major areas of creative design, including the dynamic and dynamic group fashion show, talent show, questions, evening dress temperament catwalks several major links, from different aspects of their most beautiful state. On the evening, all the beautiful ladies wearing the Wonderful Beauty women 's clothing displayed intuitively. Wonderful Beauty women's clothing was beautifully interpreted and beautifully interpreted. After three hours of competition, eventually won the championship by No. 16 Cai Shuang from Shantou.

Wonderful beauty——与第63届世界小姐广东赛区总决赛同行

On the evening of September 27, the event attracted thousands of people to come and watch. Fashion people, media reporters and professionals from all walks of life came to attend the show. Beauties are impressive performance to the same praise. Wan Zefeng international fashion group flag brand spokesman said the group has been very focused on the cultivation and dissemination of corporate culture for many years, the Miss World contest has been adhering to and uphold the aesthetic philosophy and brand coincide. At the same time, the brand has been actively looking for an organic combination of culture and beauty, apparel and culture, fashion and beauty. The Miss World contest gives the brand a good exhibition space and platform. Miss world events have been held for many years, has a huge market appeal and influence, beauty from all walks of life who emanated from the aesthetics perfect blend with the brand. It is learned that the Group will also continue to carry out other brand of cultural communication work in succession, and in the process of cultural transmission and the fashion community in all walks of life in-depth exploration, refinement of the details of cultural development project, and ultimately the formation of a unique brand culture .

Wonderful beauty——与第63届世界小姐广东赛区总决赛同行

wonderful beauty to help you complete the beautiful journey of the soul, with the vigorous connotation, full of vitality mentality, transformation and innovation, passion set sail, the perfect positive energy, look forward to your attention!

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