Fall knitwear how to look good with thin attractive self-confident clever dressing

Fall knit how to look good with it? To learn how to dress with it, maybe you can find thin and seductive with law, so that your charm index soared Oh! Fall make your knit with a clever take a different oneself.


Photo credit: only Jane Ladies 2013 autumn new

Knitted style we can see very common, but you really will match it? The following with me to learn the next simple ladies sweater is absorbed with the right bar, long sweater for more tall female friends, dark coffee color knit shirt, with a black lace style with a color shorts, so long Section of the sweater to play more to the fullest.

秋季针织衫怎么搭配好看 显瘦魅力自信巧穿衣

Photo credit: only Jane Ladies 2013 autumn new

Now more and more sweaters are not the common sense of style cards, how personality, to the regular style of knitting now a variety of irregular, splicing practices, so sweaters completely subvert the past Image, more personalized fashion direction, you also learn to match it.

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