Lynn elegant interpretation of the fall and winter of Goldlion large interpretation of a woman's eyes in the world of men

When the goddess met elegant men, will interpret what kind of style? Goldlion 2013 autumn and winter blockbusters, to bring you the most extreme answer. Famous actress Lynn (Lynn) and actress Chen Hao work together, the top photographer Chen Man surgeon, with bold ideas into the world of successful men, awe-inspiring sexy urban women, and successful men go hand in hand, a distinguished elegant and charming Extraordinary visual journey to open immediately. The world of men in the eyes of women "From the perspective of women to represent the world of men to show the woman's appreciation of successful men, I think this idea is very fresh and very novel." For the filming of the fall and winter blockbusters, Lynn argues that the groundbreaking idea is One of the important opportunities. Behind every successful man, there is a woman hidden. As the first "sexy goddess" to shoot a large fashion show in men's fashion, Lynn Lynn put away the arrogance of the queen and transformed the woman behind the gold men in the interpretation of "The Man's World." Uphold the "classic and innovative" concept, after nearly half a century of precipitation Jinlilai boldly from the perspective of women to reflect the feeling of successful men, the new 2013 autumn and winter blockbuster with subversive traditional ideas to re-create the classic. Love a man's charisma "No woman can withstand the charm of a handsome gentleman, while the gentleman's cultivation, the most direct indication of human, is a neat and textured dress." Lynn said, "dress is the best embodiment of men Mature and gentleman with a gentleman will be more convincing. " In her eyes, Jinlilai is the men's brand with the longest history in China, with excellent quality and advanced technology, and many of my friends will choose its clothing. In the shooting Lynx turned senior tailor, fluffy curly hair, coupled with retro frame, elegant and calm, gentlemen for your gold tailor-made extraordinary charm of men's clothing. In the bar, in the city streets, inside and outside the car, Lynn Lynn and the perfect interpretation of the workplace OL, from the inside out emitting a confident style, sophisticated enamored indulge. Only for the successful man In the acting career has been a lot of milestones, Lynn, but still maintain an ordinary woman's heart - for the success of men in love. What kind of man will make Lynn tempted? Lynn said the most important thing for men is maturity and dedication, because such men are trustworthy. She said with a bit of expectation about her dream of being a successful man, she said shyly, "I'm going to dress beautifully and maybe a little dress, and of course I hope he's dressed better and dressed more formally, like suits. For men's suits, tailoring fit is very important, I think the trim is particularly suitable for East Asian Jinli Lai, I really like. "It is reported that Goldlion is currently in the official Weibo (@ Goldlion Men) held a selection of activities, looking for the 2013 autumn and winter In the blockbuster "most glamorous" photos, the activity continued to receive numerous netizens and fashion critics.

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