Christian Louboutin 2015 autumn and winter series new products

Christian Louboutin's Fall/Winter 2015 collection is back in time, dating back to the 1960s, punk rock and electronic dance style. With a new color, material and technology, the series combines the fine details and traditional craftsmanship of the brand to interpret the concept of rebellious, oriental and avant-garde.

The timeless punk element has always been a source of inspiration in the hearts of designers. In this season's work, Electro Pump and Electroboot are adorned with black leather studs, which are very modern and rock-solid. Country Croche's sleek metal buckles and a solid leather shape give a simple yet powerful aesthetic.

Another highlight of the season is the inspiration from Rouge Louboutin's “Fade to ...” nail polish, featuring a variety of gradient paints, and different combinations of black, red and nude in the Pigalle Follies. At the same time, inspired by the Eastern Egyptian scarab, the original metallic luster patent leather Dégradé Scarabé is used in shoes and leather goods.

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