Modern application of jade


Chinese culture is profound and profound, such as jade as a Chinese treasure, more and more diversified in modern applications.

Jade is one of the important symbols of ancient Chinese feudal culture. The earliest jade can be traced back to the 2,000-year-old Hongshan culture. Ancient jade articles are closely related to heaven and earth gods, ethnic totems, spiritual beliefs, unknown worlds, and moral cultivation.

Jade jewelry

Jade refers only to natural jade, which refers to mineral, rock and organic materials produced by nature, with magnificent colors, crystal clear, hard and durable, and rare and honed, carved into jewelry and handicrafts. Natural jade is currently the mainstream product in the jewelry and jade industry. Artificial jade is mainly used in fashion jewellery, handicrafts, decorations and other such as watches, clothing, leather goods and lamps. High-end jewelers such as Versace, Cartier and Bulgari all use jade as an important material for jewelry.

Jade tile

A new choice for home decoration in 2015, jade tiles are hotly debated by consumers. The jade tile is a ceramic tile that gathers the texture of natural jade and moisturizes Wenze, the texture of laminated layers, and the colorful colors. Therefore, jade and China have an inseparable complex. Applying jade to the decoration is a bold attempt to combine art and home. In terms of texture, color, texture, feel and visual effect, jade tiles are completely close to the realistic effect of natural jade, and the decorative effect is even better than natural jade. At the same time, jade tiles have the superior performance of low water absorption, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, folding resistance, flatness, no color difference and anti-skid. Nowadays, the popular jade tile brands include Kabri jade tiles, gold silk jade, and Ou Shennuo.

Jade collection

Jade is known as the "crown of the hundred stones, the jade is the king"; at the same time, there are also the sayings of rejuvenating humanity and meaning Ruixiang. Due to its rarity and non-renewability, jade has become a master of advanced antiques assessment experts. As the inheritance of Chinese culture, jade has a cultural heritage that can be deeply explored, and further enhances the collection value of jade.

The application of jade is diversified and it is believed that there will be even better performance in the future.

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