To win │ wit straddling, youth blue

As the sponsor of the menswear brand designated by the first session of the People's Republic of China Youth Games, the men of the genius will combine the features of the Games and the special requirements of the referee to create a "private" custom suit for the Games. Different from traditional referee in traditional games, the definition of genius men's definition of the Qing Yun Hui referee used a suit design, through innovation in design style, style, fabric, etc., while changing the dress style of the past court referee at the same time, Games referee more elegant, casual, but also highlights the unique youthfulness of the Youth Games. In terms of color, with a symbol of vitality, positive bright blue as a coat, with white pants, simple and elegant, more international trend, Zhao Xiangyu unique youthful vigor, interpretation of a new genius. The genius of the new era should be in different fields. "Winners" and "winners" of different ages are both attitudes and positive social energy. "Winning" is not just the pursuit of results, but also a belief and a dream. Talent Men's brand "win" spirit has been given more innovation and vitality, the new era of genius also need to have a "win" spirit, men of womens will work together with the real genius to "start to win", chasing the wind and color, leading China .

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