Lady temperament style is still elegant show series

Still show advocate ladies unique culture, tailor-made for the life of Shu constant pursuit of quality of life of urban women ladies , exquisite workmanship but also into the modern liberal atmosphere, the launch of the series every season, designers are clever application design classic, embroidered Printing, special craft and other elements. The perfect combination of style and detail, inadvertently turn the perfect curve of women revealed to create an elegant and comfortable image.


Solid color A dress skirt, so you stand out among the crowd. Solid color tight mouth with cuffs and hem, do not let the wind drill come in! Perfect body line is a major highlight of this dresses, free to wear a pair of black thick with high heels, can be very elegant!

淑女气质风 依然秀优雅套装系列

Autumn 2015, orange red T-new favorite. Orange red and white are the two most common colors, the show will still be so unique ethnic colors, used in the new season clothing, different from the past, the dynamic fashion of fluorescent pastel, bringing urban women from this devout pure American degree of unique full thick texture!

Lady's Leg Warmer