2016 Hong Ying summer new customer trial will come to a successful conclusion


2016 Xiang Ying summer new products have been fully prepared, compared to the previous summer terms, carried out in many aspects of upgrading and innovation; November 12, from the provinces in some of the best agents, franchisee friends gathered in Hangzhou, Fragrance will usher in the upcoming summer order will do the final assessment review. Through the model products and designers to explain the product carefully, the representatives of all regions have spoken, expressed a high degree of recognition of the 2016 summer new products and to meet the full confidence of the new year's summer product sales; also for the upcoming shades summer Order will lay a more solid foundation.



The summer new products both in fabric richness, style structure, design selling point, band cut-off points have done a breakthrough and preparation for the azimuth; we absolutely believe that in the November 30 summer new conference will be the day of the country The shadow of beauty to bring even more stunning visual effects, I wish Hong Ying 2016 Summer Order will be a success ~!

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