But I was shocked that the bra buttoning actually showed your character


1, the Queen type (Dominance): wear buttoned underwear

The queen-type women like to wear button-down underwear, they do not like to waste time, in particular, do not like to waste time in the invisible underwear buckle; these people focus on efficiency, they are more inclined to direct and tough handling of the problem, Not only do they ask for themselves, they also want others to do the same. They are afraid of losing control, so having a full grasp of what is proactive in their life is crucial to them.

Such people are more like brand names, the pursuit of first-class quality, so they are more likely to be attracted to some high-end underwear brands , they will be well-thought-and make a wise decision, so when buying underwear will be very rigorous.

2, Royal sister type (Influence): Fasten the buckle in the chest, and then back to the back

In the chest fasten the buckle, then turn back to the people behind the royal sister in life, always keep perfect, attractive, like to be outside attention and appreciation, so when choosing underwear, they tend to choose colorful and details Well handled style. Closer buckles in the chest to ensure that underwear to wear more fit, more perfect, they are full of sense of humor, like to accept the challenges, learn new things, but they are very easy to feel boring life, such people are not good at the need Work focused on details with complex steps.

但是我就震惊了 文胸系扣方式竟显示你的性格

3, conservative type (Steady): in the back buttoned underwear buckle

If you're accustomed to buckling underwear, then you must belong to conservative women who tend to follow traditional values ​​and are loyal to what they learn. Patti said conservative women often think long before they take action, and the traditional wisdom they stick to will undoubtedly make them choose the traditional way of getting underwear. Such people do not like to change. It is often hard to get them to try out new things or change. You need to work hard to persuade them, otherwise they will still stick to their own past experiences and ways of doing things.

It is said that such people treat people kind, considerate, is a good talkative object, they always remember your birthday, borrow your shoulders when you want to cry. Even buy underwear, they will go with friends and buy.

4, perfect type (Corrector): first buttoned underwear buckle, and then set in from scratch

If you fasten your underwear buckle carefully before putting underwear over your head just like wearing a T-shirt, then you must be a perfectionist like Virgo, and they want to make sure that the perfect one is worn. People of this trait are natural analysts, and from the very beginning you want to make sure everything is done and if you want to convince and dominate such people you have to have enough data to support your opinion.

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