Yi dream to women in Shenzhen Dongmen Rainbow Department Store will have a new store opened it!

Clever woman know how to use the money to dress up, make yourself look bright and moving more talk about men like, only stupid woman will not care to make themselves become Huanglian Po, and of course we have to be smart woman, then since to be smart Woman, may wish to start with the dress! Yi dreams to women in Shenzhen East Gate Rainbow Department Store will have a new store opening it! When we may wish to appoint a small sister to pick the United States to join it!


France from the fashion capital of art dreams to women, both absorbed the essence of the European fashion concept, can quickly and acutely capture the elements of international pop, but also combines the temperament and aesthetic characteristics of Eastern women, pay attention to styles and colors, The details of the more have a good grasp, because of this, it makes every dream of art clothing can go in the forefront of fashion, leading the fashion trend, by more and more fashionable women of all ages and welcome.


The Shenzhen Dongmen Rainbow Department Store will be grand opening on the 18th of this month, there will be all kinds of autumn and winter clothing presented to everyone, like Yi Meng to women's friends do not miss, remember to buy on time Oh! There are surprises new stores opened discounts and gifts to send! At present, the shop is fiery decoration upgrade, where we also wish the store will booming business! Financial sources wide into!

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